What’s the Deal With No-Makeup Makeup?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the no-makeup makeup concept. If you haven’t, consider Cameron Diaz’s apt overview of the technique. When makeup artist Gucci Westman prepared Diaz for a photo shoot, she used a conceal-and-redraw method. The actress explain, “Instead of piling on a new face, she let my skin breathe, mixing and then spot-painting different colors onto every imperfection.” Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts are excited about the rise of this approach.

The renewed enthusiasm for no-makeup makeup comes with the launch of Westman’s first cosmetics collection. Westman Atelier is a line of blushes, bronzers, and highlighters – not to mention 11 foundations. In the Makeover Essentials office, she has long been recognized as a beauty innovator. It’s a big plus that this makeup guru is honest about everything she does. We love that Westman’s approach to clean beauty began with her upbringing in Eastern philosophy. She says, “I just feel like luxury now is knowledge. That should be the new way of looking at beauty.” We agree!

For instance, her blush sticks are full of raspberry stem cells and organic jojoba oil. She also uses the system of biomimicry (a method plants used to protect themselves) to ensure that there are no inflammatory properties in her products.

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