What It Takes to Be Camera Ready on The Bachelor

Anyone who’s a fan of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and any of the associated shows has likely been in awe of how stunning contestants appear. Seriously, who cries and still looks pretty afterward? Behind these beauties is a team of fashion and makeup experts known as the Bachelor Glam Nation. At Makeover Essentials, we’re taking notice of the advice these glamour geniuses have to share.

For the most part of the experience, contestants on The Bachelor are responsible for their own looks. However, for the first night and for the Rose Ceremony finale, they have the same level of help that say, Meaghan Markle might have getting ready for a big event: A stylist, assistant stylist, and a makeup artist. Of course, we suspect there’s a hair stylist waiting in the wings as well.

Not surprising to our Makeover Essentials beauty experts, there’s a lot that goes into creating a camera-ready look. Bachelor Glam Nation’s makeup artist Gina Modica focuses on finding cosmetics that not only give a contestant a flawless appearance but are hard-working as well. For instance, waterproof mascara that doesn’t run when the tears flow and lipstick that doesn’t smudge during a passionate kiss are must-haves.

Fortunately, following the show’s broadcast Modica was kind enough to break down the exact products she used for her Instagram followers. In fact, all of the Bachelor Glam Nation readily shares their favorite tips and how to access the same looks as seen on the show. Follow Modica, stylist Cary Fetman, and assistant stylist Krystine Couch on Instagram to learn more.

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