What Are 2018 Pre-Fall Fashion Trends? Find Out Here

When it comes to the world of fashion, we at Makeover Essentials believe there are more than four seasons. In fact, the pre-fall season seems to extend throughout the year. For many fashion businesses, sales of autumn-ready products start booming in the summer. They don’t taper off until mid-winter. Then new trends begin to emerge, covering outerwear, casual daywear, formal evening attire, and beyond.

With all this in mind, our Makeover Essentials beauty experts have already identified the following 2018 trends:

” Sequins: Sequins continue to be a staple in eveningwear. We’ve seen them shining brightly on off-shoulder gowns, skirts with asymmetrical hems, long-sleeved tops, and more.

” Head-to-Toe Patterns: The days of patterned garments paired with solids are long gone – at least for now. Attention-grabbing outfits with uniform prints abound.

” Fur: People are donning real as well as faux fur this year. They’re out and about in soft shades and bold, multicolored looks alike.

” Graphic Stripes: These consist of vibrant, colorful stripe layouts on casual attire. Horizontal and vertical stripes, as well as those of varying sizes, are all in.

” Animal Prints: From snakeskin to leopard, animal prints are available on all sorts of attire. Many designers have released them on outerwear that makes for easy and attractive layering.

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