Velvet: The Hit Trend This Fall Season

Now that Fall has arrived and the brisk air is setting in, it’s time to consider the latest fashion trends. This season sparks yearnings for comfort, warmth, and a bit of luxury. It seems that our old friend, velvet, is rising in popularity to meet all these requirements. Not only do we discover it in designer accessories and home accents, we notice it in casual wear and standard outfit staples. Here are several Makeover Essentials favorites:

  • The Bag: Velvet clutches, purses, and other bags are available in a variety of bold prints. As far as we are concerned, however, leopard beats them all as the go-to pick for our Makeover Essentials fashionistas.
  • The Shoes: Think of the straw-bag-and-sandal look that’s so popular during the summer. There is no need to relegate those sandals to the back of your closet just yet. Simply select a few pairs that are trimmed in velvet. The look is softer, yet warmer.
  • The Jacket: Puffy jackets are cozy and practical – and significantly posher when the usual nylon fabric is traded in for a sleek velvet. A nice hairbow of the same material will accentuate the look nicely.
  • The Pillows: Infuse a bit of the season into your home by slipping velvet covers over your usual pillows. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you might have a whole chair reupholstered.

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