These Are the Makeup Looks of the Summer

Now that we’re a significant way through summer, we’d like to discuss some of the makeup trends we’ve noticed and admired so far this season. It isn’t too late to try these looks for yourself, so take note of these Makeover Essentials recommendations:

  • The Eyes: During the warmer months, people are more likely to venture out and enjoy the nightlife. We’ve seen a lot of the cool-girl look – the eyeshadow that appears as if the wearer slept with it on and left it there when heading out with friends. The application is easy – simply apply your eyeliner hours before your plans are scheduled to commence. By that time, it will be nicely smudged.
  • The Lips: You may have noticed that brightly colored lipsticks and glosses require frequent reapplication during summer. The likelihood is that perspiration, in addition to a considerable amount of cold drinks, will wear away the shade quickly. Lighter, candy-colored hues last longer (and the gradual fading isn’t as noticeable).
  • The Skin: Less is better in terms of your summer wardrobe, and the same is true for makeup. The minimalist approach is a Makeover Essentials favorite, partially because it’s low-maintenance. Either leave your face bare, or apply only one product in multiple places (such as a bit of blush on your eyelids, for example).

Join us as we experiment with these looks, and check out our Makeover Essentials Newswire to stay informed about the latest beauty trends.