Superfoods That Make Great Skincare Products

There’s a lot of research on the benefits of consuming superfoods. Also known as power foods, these grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are noted for being packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins that can do anything from increasing our energy levels to rid our bodies of harmful free radicals and other substances that can damage our organs and tissues. However, as yummy as they are to eat, our Makeover Essentials beauty experts have learned that many of these foods are also good applied to the skin. Let’s look how some of them are used as scrubs, masks, and other beauty products:

• Chia Seeds: These gelatinous seeds are good for more than just puddings and smoothies. Applied to the skin, their anti-inflammatory properties work to soothe skin flare-ups caused by acne. When they’re not battling pimples, chia seeds have omega-3 fatty acids which hydrate the skin and anti-aging vitamins like B3, B2, and zinc that leave you with a fresher, more glowing appearance.

• Yogurt: A longtime favorite of the healthy set, we’ve noted over the years that yogurt is also good applied to the skin. It contains lactic acid which can fade dark spots while also serving as an exfoliant which sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal a brighter appearance. The high protein in yogurt promotes the production of collagen, too, which is what keeps our connective tissue together, leading to fewer wrinkles and firmer skin.

• Quinoa: There’s riboflavin in this versatile grain, which is a key ingredient in the fight against aging skin. It aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping to produce more connective tissue, which improves skin tone. To help make sure you remove all of your makeup and the rest of the day off your face, use Makeover Essentials Refresh Me Cloth before or after your quinoa scrub.

• Kale: We already know this leafy green does a good job of detoxifying our insides when it’s mixed in salads or smoothies. It’s great applied to your skin, too. From cleaning out your pores, to fighting free radicals and other environmental toxins, Kale’s vitamins and minerals (like vitamins A and K) make your skin healthy and less puffy. Before your rub, try Makeover Essentials Makeup Remover so you can start with a clean base.

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