Our Top Six Spring Beauty Picks

We’ve had our fill of winter! Now that spring is underway, we’re excited to discuss our favorite seasonal beauty picks. Here are a few Makeover Essentials products to keep on hand as the warm weather sets in:

  • Eye Addiction: This set consists of four colors that can be mixed and matched to complement any look. The dual-end applicator allows for easy use, and all pieces come beautifully packed in a see-through vinyl case.
  • ME-Contour Kit: This Makeover Essentials contour set will bronze and highlight anyone’s facial features. Whether it’s a smaller forehead, prominent cheekbones, a softer jawline, or a thinner nose, these shades will make it happen. 
  • The Four Tops Lipstick II: These four shades of red are perfect for any event. Go for a neutral look with the lightest shade or opt for an evening in a bold, dark hue. The set comes with a small mirror that allows for discreet touch-ups.
  • ME Intrigue ME Eye Shadow – Enchant ME: Twelve shades come in this compact, from lighter colors perfect for the office to vibrant ones that make waves during fun evening parties. The kit not only includes a mirror, but doubles as a business-card holder for easy networking!
  • ME Weekly Essentials Kit: Get organized with this mirrored case, which holds all the pertinent shades for lips, cheeks, and eyes (including an eye pencil and translucent powder). The pull-out drawer fits a puff and three applicators.
  • ME-Eye Design Kit II: Here is another collection of must-haves. The soft bag neatly fits eight pieces – an eyelash curler, mascara, lash/eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner/eyebrow brush, eye design compact, and eye contour/eye detail brush. It includes highlighter, shimmer, cream eyeliner, and powder.

These items are certain to get you spring-ready. Go to our Makeover Essentials [Newswire] for more helpful beauty tips.