Skip the Drip This Summer With These Tips

Every summer, it’s the same story for millions of women worldwide: Humidity wreaks havoc on our make-up routines. Makeover Essentials is keenly aware of this dilemma. Rather than lose your look to a heat-induced sweat, we offer these tips to keep your cosmetics intact when the heat is on:

  • Cool Off, Then Apply: Don’t rush out of the shower to put on your makeup. Instead, take at least 10 minutes after your shower to let your skin cool down. If necessary, a splash of cold water can accelerate the process. 
  • Less Is More for Summer: Just like you don’t bundle up in heavy clothing when it’s warm, a lighter coating of makeup is best for summer. Stick to a simple routine that highlights the essentials and gives you a sun-kissed look. 
  • Prime Your Face: Consider a primer an extra layer of protection in the summer heat. Our Makeover Essentials face primer will help you maintain that matte appearance all day. Apply just after moisturizer and before foundation. 
  • Think Lighter Is Better With Foundations: The heavier your base is during hot summer months, the more likely it is to melt away. Stick to lighter, oil-free products for the season.
  • Go Creamy: Powdered blushes and eye shadows tend to create a cakey look when the humidity is high. Switch to creams to keep a dewy look.
  • Softer Shades Reflect Natural Light Better: Pack away the jewel-toned colors for fall. Instead, keep your eye makeup on the softer side. Makeover Essentials Sunlit Breeze offers an eye look that implies you’ve been at the beach. 
  • Opt for Blotting Papers Over Powder: Resist the urge to powder away your shine, as this will only give you a chalky appearance and bring out the lines. Blotting away moisture is much more effective. 
  • Water Resistant Is Best: Keep your lashes looking luscious with mascara that’s designed not to run. 
  • Mist Away: Feeling the impacts of the heat? A refreshing spritz of facial mist can preserve your makeup and cool you down fast. 
  • Hydrate: Not only is plenty of water good when the temps rise, keeping cool prevents your makeup from dripping as well.

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