Shimmer Powder Brush – Bronze

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Get luminous with luxurious shimmer powder and a silky-soft brush in one! This innovative brush dispenser is convenient and portable for quick touch-ups on the go. Unique system combines light tinting and shimmering agents to enhance the skin’s natural color. Sweep on a shimmering or even a sun-kissed glow, from head to toe, at the shake of a hand. Compliments any skin tone. 2 shades available – Bronze and Gold.


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Sheer loose powder in a sleek brush system (Net Wt. 0.08 oz/ 2.3 g)

Ingredients: Mica, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Parfum (Fragrance), Cinnamyl Alcohol, Coumarin, Geraniol, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Linalool, Citronellol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Iron Oxides (CI 77499, CI 77491), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)

Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested. Animal Testing was not used in the manufacturing of this product.


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    45 reviews for Shimmer Powder Brush – Bronze

    1. TinaG

      I Don’t usually use much make up maybe eyeliner and lipstick but the salesman was very pleasant and he showed me this brush. I bought it in a package deal, and I’m glad I did. I’m medium dark and it doesn’t make my skin darker or orange it adds a nice shimmery glow. It takes me a few brushes to get the shimmer going.

    2. Dayna

      Omg this is a beautiful bronzed….I’m medium complected and this gives such a natural golden glow to skin…only thing is couldn’t quite figure out how to use it only thing I could come up with is unscrewing the bottom and dipping Brush in the cap

    3. Marchesca Morgan

      I love this product! I’ve never seen anything like this before so when I received as a gift I was excited to try it and I must say this is awesome! It gives me such a nice glow. Will purchase this once I run out!

    4. Christie Walters

      This a amazing love the color and the hint of sparkle

    5. Elizabeth

      Love this stuff it makes your skin glow.

    6. Logan

      Love this product, it’s definitely taken the place of my other bronzers and beats the quality of my old ones

    7. Jasmine

      I really like this product! I like that the color isn’t too dark and overwhelming; it’s just the right color for just about any skin tone, it doesn’t feel heavy and it adds a nice little sparkle to an everyday look. Another plus (as you can see from the picture) is that the powder dispenses from the brush, so you don’t have to use both hands to apply. I highly recommend this product. 🙂

    8. Katie P

      I didn’t love this product only because it the powder barely comes out through the built in brush. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to work? I was looking for more of a bronzer and this product seems to only add a subtle shimmer to my skin.

    9. front desk

      I just got this today from a couple sales reps that came into my work in edson alberta and I LOVE it!!!
      best bronzer I’ve ever used it’s the perfect shade and you can get the right amount on its very light feeling as well!

    10. Maria

      Love it! I was given this product for free along with a eyeshadow kit and the petite kit, I am in love with this bronzer. I love the shimmer appearance it gives and it’s lightweight feel. Give it a few shakes when you first open it but once it’s good you’re good to go.

    11. shoozie1609

      I love this! the color is the perfect shade. My skin tone is fair and this is probably the most natural color bronzer I’ve ever used. The wand distributes the perfect amount, good product.

    12. Kate

      This is a unique idea to have the powder sift down though the brush because it definitely cuts down on mess. I also like the color a lot. It adds more of a shimmery bronze than a sparkle. My issue is I can never seem to get as much on my skin as I would like and everytime I use the brush it looses one or two bristles.

    13. Ally

      I usually don’t wear bronzer as I’m quite pale, but when a lovely salesman showed me this I had to try it. I was certainly not disappointed ! It’s just perfect, it’s so nice and natrulesqe. I could not have been happier with it. Certainly worth the money!

    14. Joy Cabanayan

      I super love the bronzer, i love the fact that it does not give too much powder. But i got a little disappointed with the plastic glass that suppose to keep the brush is broken, there is a crack.

    15. Amber

      This has been my holy grail of shimmer . I actually use the brush for blush to give and extra shine that I ALWAYS get complemented on. Love this adore this will always need more of this

    16. Aranza

      The product itself is great the pigment is awesome but i feel like the built in brush could use more work because the bistles of my brush keep coming off but it gives such a nice glow and color to the face for my skin type.

    17. Michelle

      As a few others have suggested, I can’t get anything out of the brush and I’m scared that if I unscrew the bottom I’ll have shimmer everywhere. At a dead end with this product.

      • admin

        Hi Michelle,

        We are sorry you are having trouble with your Shimmer Brush. Please feel free to contact customer service for assistance. We would be more than happy to send you a replacement if necessary.

    18. vadragonbaby

      Love the color but product doesn’t seem like it has a good consistency when used.

    19. Susie

      I love the brush but I thought it I could refill it, is this solded by any retailers if so who

    20. Meg

      Love the idea! The brush is flimsy though and the bristles fall out. Shimmer is beautiful though.

    21. Maggie

      Great shimmer, clever idea. Overall, a pretty good product, only the actual brush is not the best quality. If that could possibly be improved, this would be five-star product.


      I love it cannot live without it- night and day. it gives you such a natural glow everyone will ask what did I do to my skin

    23. Nakia

      The salesman was so polite and convincing , the product really is amazing and adds a nice glow to my skin .

    24. Fawn

      Love ! I received this as a gift from one of my girlfriends and I love it!! The brush is nice and smooth and the powder delivers a luminous finish. A definite must try!

    25. Analisa

      Definitely picked a winner with this! I love how it’s subtle but gives just enough glow!

    26. S

      Nice feel and texture

    27. Audrey

      Literally bought it about 5 minutes ago and I love it. I work with stage makeup and you don’t loose the pigment (this is EXTREMELY PIGMENTED) when blending out. The shimmer is so beautiful and intense it looks borderline metallic. Very similar to the Makeup Forever star lit powder except this gives you at least triple the product. Just incredible and definitely buying more.

    28. Kiah

      I’ve had this brush for about 3 years and it’s now starting to run out but I use it has a highlight and it works wonders for my skin

    29. Keren

      Got a good offer for this one! I don’t regret purchasing. Love how it looks on me amazon.! I have two

    30. Kara

      Good salesman I love this bronzer and he gave me a bunch of other products to try. Don’t like the mascara at all…but love the bronzer and the eye shadows are super pigmented and very pretty…

    31. Val

      I love this shimmer !!! However I bought it in a package deal and now I can’t find it for a decent price by its self. Do I need a salesmen to get a better price?

    32. Zaria

      This was one of the first products i ever received when doing makeup up and i thought the bronze was decoration lol. It wasnt until i unscrewed the bottom and i fell in love with it. Im brownskin and this product is perfect for my skin tone. My suggestion is selling it as a highlighter because that what i was using it for. Will purchase again soon

    33. Tiffany Moore

      Love this brush, easy bronzer or a nice highlighter for a more natural look xoxo

    34. Lisa

      I Love It. *****❤️

    35. Kiki Jaxx

      I can’t get any product out of this brush, I really love how pigmented and shimmery the bronzer is but I can’t get any product out. Waste of my money

    36. Mary Yeh

      A young lady approached me at an office area. She offered makeup to try at a low price. This bronzer is amazing and it lasts for a long time. I get lots of compliments when I wear this. It gives you a light natural glow. I love it! I just ordered my second. Try it, you’ll love it.

    37. Kathrin Fryars

      I bought this 6 years ago as a package deal of a sales man best buy ever by far i put it on my cheeks every time i go out. Its a perfect colour for my skin in winter when my skin is fair i brush twice each cheek and when going out at night or in summer when i have more of a tan i do four strokes each side. It really even and great build up , it lasts a long time and really easy to use ive just run out so buying again and will do in the future. Definitely recommend

    38. Brianna Robinson

      I am literally OBSESSED. I am a snob when it comes to bronzer and highlighter and this is by far one of my favorites. The pigment is unreal and it is just the right amount of glitter! Super easy to apply and it looks beautiful as a eye shadow and applied on your chest as well. 100% recommend

    39. Chandra

      I’m a makeup kinda gal.. I recently got this product and i must say it’s WONDERFUL!!!!! it’s soft, goes on smooth and it last… I will be purchasing more…

    40. Jaycie

      The shimmer was so beautiful! I was skeptic at first, but once the salesman showed me the products on my skin it was a no brainer. I have fairer skin and the bronze glow still did me wonders without looking dark! I will be incorporating this product into my routine. 🙂

    41. Jess

      Looks great on my friend. However the color matches my skin exactly and you can barely tell I’m wearing anything no matter how much I pile on. I do have to put on A LOT to notice the shimmer and even then you can barely tell. ):

    42. shinelle

      The sales personnel was great. This is the first product he introduced to me. A brush with longer bristles, and large flared. It applies beautifully. Brush is more petite than traditional brushes, but the smaller size allows for better control. Shimmer make my skin look perfect. Worth the money.

    43. Cara

      I have had this product for months I finally went to use iti and couldn’t get the powder to come out either

      • admin

        We are sorry to hear you are having a hard time getting the shimmer brush to work. Please try sliding the clear plastic down and dab the brush back and forth on the back of your hand; tapping the back of the brush may also aid in releasing the powder. You may also try lightly unscrewing the bottom cap and loosening the bottom seal a tiny bit to allow a little air to flow through (don’t take off the whole thing as this will cause the powder to spill out and create a big mess). If none of these methods works, please contact Customer Service directly for additional support.

    44. Astrid

      I love this product and always get great compliments… Lost mine and would like to order a new one, but it says out of stock online 🙁

      • admin

        Hi Astrid – thank you so much for the positive feedback on this item. Yes, we are out of stock and unfortunately, we are not getting more in at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope we will be able to have this product available again in the future.

    45. Babydoll

      Love this. So easy. When will it be back in stock . Looks like it’s been a long time since it was available

      • admin

        We are so happy you love this item. We are working on getting more but unfortunately, don’t have an exact date yet.

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