Puff Pack

Puff me another! There are three puffs included in the ME – Puff Pack for all of your beauty needs. With each shape and degree of softness, these puffs can be used for foundation application, contouring and more in order to get full coverage, expert application every time.


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Use puffs wet or dry. Wet the sponge until it’s completely saturated and squeeze out any excess water.

Pour a small amount of liquid foundation onto the back of your hand, dip the rounded end of your sponge into the makeup, and begin applying to your face. Gently dab or blot the area until your foundation is completely blended. Use the same dabbing technique when applying concealer underneath your eyes and cream blush to your cheeks. You can also use your puffs for blending contouring products and highlighter.


Wash with mild soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Let air dry. Be sure to replace your sponge every couple of months (depending on frequency of use).

Use the broad rounded side of the sponge for basic application of foundation, the tapered end for detailing, and the flat side for contouring around the eyes and nose.

Use for controlled coverage over a specific area. Holding the round bottom provides a softer application.


Use for full coverage application. Works great with liquid as well as creamy products.