ME Pearls – 3pc Set

ME Pearls are authentic, freshwater cultured pearls. Freshwater pearls differs from salt water, by being composed almost entirely of nacre; the silky substance created by the oyster to form a pearl. Freshwater pearls also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors making each pearl, and jewelry piece, unique. 

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Never use abrasive materials on your pearls, as harsh cleaners can scratch and damage the surface. Only use a wet, soft cloth to clean your pearls, and store your pearls properly to dry.
Pearls can get dehydrated, and become brittle, so never store your pearls in heated areas, or direct sunlight. 
To care for crystal jewelry, polish it with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasives, solvents and contact with water. Store your jewelry in a soft pouch to avoid scratches.


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