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Dive into the Makeover Essentials Contour Kit and begin your journey in creating the illusions of higher cheekbones, a slimmer nose, softer jawline or smaller forehead. The sky is the limit with the Contour Kit. This kit has everything you need to bronze and highlight individuals parts of anyone’s face.

Simple Steps to using your contour kit:

  1. Prep – Start by using your regular routine with primer, foundation and concealer. Set to a powder finish before you begin to contour.
  2. Cheeks – Choose a shade darker than your skin tone to create depth to sculpt the face.

Apply along the hollows of your cheeks (the best way to find the right spot for application is to make “fish lips”). Follow the line in a crescent shape; make sure it’s somewhat parallel to the jawline up to the hairline.

  1. Forehead – Use your contour color from the temples to the forehead along the hairline. This will make a larger forehead appear smaller.
  2. Nose – Using a smaller detailed brush, begin at the inside corner of your eyebrow and create a line using contour color down the bridge of your nose. Do this on both sides and make sure both sides are parallel. If you want to make your nose look shorter, connect the two parallel lines below your nose.
  3. Eyes and Cheekbones – To make the eyes appear brighter, use the highlight under the eyes and the top of the cheekbones. Use circular motions from under the eyes to the apple of the cheeks.
  4. Cheeks – Use a blush color of your choice, apply blush to the apple of your cheeks.


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    16 reviews for ME-Contour Kit

    1. Maria Meza

      Hello everyone! My husband purchased this kit in California from a sales person. The lady was kind and spoke highly about this product, although my husband doesn’t know much about makeup, he did discribe them as looking “high end and good quality”. I had to try them as soon as he gave them to me. I had no makeup on at the time, so no primer, no foundation, and these still blended perfectly and gave me a narural yet noticiable made-up look. I have very fair skin with yellow so everything usually looks to orange on me, but with this contour kit (using first 2 left bottom colors to contour) I was surprised to see it actually looked good! Now I can not compare to many brands, but other kits I have used are from Loreal, BH Cosmetics, Color Pop, Maybelline and Makeup Geek, and I can assure you that the “Me-Contour Kit” was my favorite.

    2. Cheyenne Smith

      I was in a bit of a bind and couldn’t lather up my face and used this as a simple duster instead of how it’s intended to be used… it actually worked very good! A tiny detail that I definitely favored was the brush. It is simply perfection as it doesn’t poke in the slightest and helps ‘paint’ your face! <3

    3. Sandra

      Wonderful product thanks

    4. Chelsey

      Received this as a free gift with purchase on & it’s wonderful. I have an Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit that looks similar and I feel the quality is very comparable. I’m going to swatch them side by side later to see if it’s a complete dupe!
      Thank you!

    5. Nay

      I love this product I own 2 !!!!!! It’s a must have for anyone who wants that slayyyyyyyyyyyy finish you don’t even have to set these powders it’s a must have

    6. Gina Gomez

      I was suckered in at the mall and purchased a few products and was asked to review them. I have been testing them out for a few weeks. I actually do think the quality of the pallet is amazing the powders are creamy and blend well. They wear well and last longer when set to the face. The only comments i have are that the blush color is very bronze and i can only really wear it as a blush when i am tan. Also the shimmer highlight powder has very little pigment and is the only powder in the pallet that is kinda chalky. Other than that i do really love this pallet!

    7. Sarah

      The colors are not SUPER pigmented like a lot of contour palettes I have purchased (both cream and powder). But I love it! For someone who hasn’t dared to contour my own face that much, this is the perfect step. I can easily fix my mistakes without having to start my entire face over. I would highly consider buying this product again!

    8. Alice

      My skin color is pretty fair and I tried this product on my skin. The packaging is very nice, but the pigment for the contour is not very pigmented at all. The texture of it is creamy which is a good thing so it is easy to blend. However, with the contour not having enough pigment its not very good.

    9. Stefanny

      I got this product for free on shop miss a. I must say they felt very soft and high end, I haven’t really had time to play with it but it looks great

    10. Tesia Smith

      The finish is very porcelain looking very nice although powdery at first .the brush works great and I love the variety of colors .nice big mirror and the case is simple yet adorable I like this product it makes me want to use everyday

    11. erica_driver

      JJ was awesome! So happy with my purchase!

    12. Kerri Worley

      I love this item!

    13. Cheryl Earle

      I’m actually a little excited for this one!! Pigment seems to come through and deliver. It’s not overly pigmented which I like because I don’t want a dark contour with my fair skin. I haven’t had the chance to try the undereye brightener yet but I’m praying it comes through for me. I don’t want my money to be a total loss on this promo trio I purchased. I do think for what you are charging consumers vs quality you may want to come down on your prices. I have Morphe palettes that deliver 1000% on quality, quantity and out perform your products and they don’t charge nowhere near the prices you do. HOWEVER……… keep trying. Keep working at it and in no time you’ll be able to compete with brands like elf, Morphe, Tarte, Makeup Revolution, etc. but at the moment your not even there. I have elf products that perform better than the majority of items. Keep working!!!!! You’ll get there.

    14. Madisyn Luther

      Love the way this product blends and sits on my face. Lasts all day with a natural tone and finsh. Reminds me of the Anastasia contour palate. Feels light and makes my skin look and feel natural and healthy. Very impressed

    15. Ruby

      Impressed beyond expectations, I was a little skeptical considering how my husband was approached while he was at work, and he got me a mini gift bag with a variety of some sort containing this contour kit ….I can contour with this kit in so many ways and use all of the colors and very blendable. I absolutely love it.

    16. Sol

      Got this on a promotion, along with a few eyeshadow palettes that are no longer available. After some time using it, I can give a confident review of the products. They are decent, pigment isn’t too strong so you may need to layer it. The contour kit is very powdery, and doesn’t pick up on the brush as well as I would like.

      Overall, decent enough, but I don’t think I would buy again.

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