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Prep your skin to make it last from day to night with ME Face Primer. This primer is perfect for all skintones and will leave a matte finish that is guaranteed to have your makeup looking fresh for hours. We offer 1 size and tone to manage your perfect look.


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Face Primer (face)

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    33 reviews for Face Primer

    1. kate

      This is a nice standard primer, if you’re wanting something to fill in the fine lines and leave your face smooth. I put some on the back of my wrinkled hands, and they looked fresh and new like baby’s hands again. But under makeup, I find anything heavy in dimethicone (which this product has a lot of) lets my makeup slide around a little too much. Maybe I just put too much on and haven’t perfected the art of dimethicone based primers yet. But if you’re looking for a temporary wrinkle filler, this works really well.

    2. Jackie

      Was introduced to this product at my local Target by sales rep AJ. Great primer! Love the matte finish that lasts all day!

    3. Lisa C

      I absolutely love this face primer. Keeps the makeup from clogging my pores and keeps my face soft

    4. Annalee C

      Consistency and stay power is comparable to smashbox photo finish primer. Just as smooth and light on the skin.

    5. Cecilia V

      I’ve always had a hard time finding a primer that was the perfect consistency to clog up my pores. I’ve tried so many kinds of different primers and i cant find one that compares to this one! This is such an amazing primer! I simply cant do my make up without it! Its a must have. 5 stars!!!

    6. samanthajc13

      Received this from a rep a few days ago and I was able to use it today and I love it! I defiantly thought it did its job.

    7. Sandra

      Love it thanks

    8. chila Poling

      Purchased this product from two young gentlemen who came in the my work. Ended up loving how soft it felt. Can’t wait to use it every day.

    9. Gina Gomez

      I purchased the primer at the mall and was asked to review the product, i have been testing it out for a couple weeks now. I think the primer is pretty nice in my hands it does feel a little greasy but on the skin it is smooth and not greasy. However, i have dry skin so if you have oily skin it might make your oils more prominent at the end of the day. It reminds me of the smashbox photo finish original primer. I dont notice an extreme difference in the longevity of my foundation, it more so just provides a smooth base for my makeup to go on top of.

    10. Sarah

      I haven’t gotten the chance to use this with a full face of make-up yet. But this product was the reason I had purchased items from a sales rep today. I was actually in need of a primer and after sampling this one I fell in love with the way it felt on my hand. I also noticed while playing with it at home, a lot goes a very long way. I have very high hopes for this product and will likely repuchase! My only suggestion is make a larger size bottle available! 🙂

    11. Lissa

      Doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy when I take my make up off, doesn’t make my makeup smudge. Amazing!

    12. Teresa

      Hands down the best primer I’ve used. I took a chance and bought a kit outside the Flamingo in Las Vegas while on vacation. I have vitiligo, so I am always looking for a boost to keep my make up smooth looking and even. The makeover essentials face primer is wonderful. I only have to use a dime sized drop for full coverage of my face and neck. The primer goes on so smooth and really enhances my foundation. I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this primer by accident and it’s the only primer I’m going to use from now on.

    13. Bonnie

      I got this from a rep today and though I haven’t used it on my face I found that it likes to sit on top of ones skin which isn’t good for makeup, and it doesn’t have much of a matte finish. On the other hand it makes my skin really soft, the packaging is great (I am a sucker for packaging) and its clear of it will work on all skin tones. Sorry if I sound too critical.

    14. Sabrina harper

      I’ve tried my fair share of primers. This is the BEST I’ve ever used. I love the smooth and soft matte finish. It helps so so so much! I have huge pores on my nose, it’s keep my makeup from looking obvious in that area. I use it on my eyelids too to help keep my eyeshadow intact!!! I’m obsessed. I love love love it!!!

    15. vadragonbaby

      Works amazingly on my skin.

    16. Tammy Upshaw

      I was approached by a sales rep, and you can say I am a bit skeptical of anyone trying to sell me something in a parking lot! That being said, he was a very nice, well dressed young man, so I spoke with him… I have been looking for a good primer, so I gave it a shot… It makes your skin feel so soft, I really do like it! I only wish it had more of a sealer in it. I am using less foundation but I feel I need to reapply half way through the day.

    17. shontael58


    18. Meg

      Love this for the blurring effect! No strong smell. Do not put too much on or makeup will slide around.

    19. Hannah E.

      Such an amazing product! I was approached by a sales rep and I was a bit skeptical, but I’m so glad i decided to buy it! It really makes your skin feel amazing!

    20. Brittney

      I was approached by a sales rep Dante. He was very professional and personable. Great product and i love that there was no animal testing!

    21. Angelica

      This primer made my makeup smoother! It’s lightly moisturizing which worked well for my skin because my dry patches can make my makeup flaky after a while. None of that with this primer!

    22. Jill Edwards

      I got this primer from a demo artist who was showcasing the products at a store in Grove City, Ohio.
      I have had many primers: few have done the job. This primer is exceptional. It gives me a smooth
      Skin surface to apply my make-up this all despite the fact that I have oily skin. I am buying another today
      I just love it!

    23. Charisse Russell

      So I got this primer when a demo artist stopped by job and I’m the type to give any makeup company a try so I bought what he was selling, but never even gave it a try until yesterday. I found it while I was organizing my makeup and when I tried it on my face, it felt so smooth and light weight and once I put makeup on I was beyond amazed at how well my makeup looked after using it. I must give this product 5 stars and I am definitely recommending it to all my friends!!!! This will be my go to primer…no doubt!!!!

    24. Sha Montgomery

      Best primer! Literally leaves my skin so soft and sets my base so smoothly!

    25. Kathryn Manuel

      Loveeee this primer!!! Goes on so smooth and feels like nothing is on!

    26. CharranL

      I just,received the primer as a gift. I haven’t tried it on my face, but .my hands feel wonderful and so soft.

    27. Keasia

      Love it does break me out.

    28. Summer Dawn

      I received this primer from a sales rep (don’t remember his name) and i absolutely am in love!

    29. Gabby

      I’ve been looking for a primer that works and helps keep my oily face in check. The girl that approached me said she used it as a both but since she also has oily skin, she skipped the moisturizer and used only the mineral primer. I decided to give it a try and it worked sooo good! It didn’t make my skin oily and kept my face looking fresh all day! I would definitely recommend it as both! Worth the buy!

    30. heyitsmarie2001

      Bought this from a nice lady at my work and I absolutely love this primer I recommend this to anyone looking for the right price

    31. Misty Schroter

      Great primer, good for sensitive skin. It makes my skin so soft.

    32. LynnME72

      I do my best to be low maintenance. I only wear eye makeup, blush, & bronzer BUT I am pushing 50 so I’m trying ‘new’ things. I was approached in Wal-mart & figured why not. Primer was one of the items in the package. Let me just say, I LOVE THIS PRIMER so much so I don’t want to even TRY another primer. It gives me a ‘polished’ look & makes my skin look great!

    33. Aleisha

      Was approached by a nicely dressed young man at my work. I’m highly skeptical of anyone selling me something, especially door to door. I purchased the product as it did have appeal but I must say that after trying it under my makeup, it makes my makeup have less staying power. I need to reapply mid-day because it seems to come off a lot easier when using this primer. Not something I will buy again as smashbox and ELF make primers that have a greater staying power with a better mattefying effect. Definitely can’t say I like this product.

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