Tanning the Safe Way

It’s summertime again and almost everyone is on a quest to achieve a sun-kissed bronze tone that says we’ve been at the beach all day. While a nice tan might give us a healthy glow, too much sun all at once isn’t a good thing. Makeover Essentials encourages safe tanning practices to get a touch of color while protecting skin using these tips:


  • Still Use Sunscreen: UV rays can cause damage that over time leads to skin cancers, as well as wrinkles. If you’re going to be out in the sun for a long period of time, be sure to apply the right SPF formula for you.


  • Be Mindful of the Time: While you might be tempted to lie out on your beach blanket or a poolside lounger for hours on end, resist the temptation to spend all day in the sun. Instead, limit yourself to two or three hours, the general tanning cut-off point at which time your body stops producing more melanin – the pigment needed for tanning – and you risk sunburn.


  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: The skincare experts at Makeover Essentials advocate for having a healthy glow, and that means you need to replenish the water in your body more frequently when you’re out in the sun. Bring a big bottle of water with you to keep refreshed and avoid dehydration. By the way, as yummy as they are, adult beverages can dehydrate you faster when you’re out in the heat, so alternate your frosty drinks with glasses of water.


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