Product Quality


Makeover Essentials goes beyond most brands by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to assure every product not only meets regulatory requirement, but are intensely tested to assure they are safe, hypoallergenic and are the best quality available for your body and skin applications. Testing is done by the best labs in the world’ labs that are approved by the USA Consumer Product Safety Commission.



To assure Makeover Essentials products are safe for you, we go beyond chemical in-lab testing. First we assure the products are safe and meet all FDA statutory regulations under laboratory conditions, then go the next step where many brands do not.



Our appointed lab enlists a wide demographic panel of 50 people to test the product under doctor supervision to assure no allergic contact sensitization, irritation, eye irritation, etc., on repeated applications.


Testing for Heavy Metals

We test for Heavy Metals such as Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Copper (Cu), etc. We also assure our products meet all USA allowed ingredient requirements and then test again to be sure there are no surprises after production. Our formulas also do not have known carcinogens, lead or heavy metals.


Committed to You

Makeover Essentials has the mission of offering all women worldwide the best of cosmetics innovation in terms of quality , efficacy, safety and value.

10-Point Testing Each of Our Products Receive:

1. Toxicological
Risk Assessment

Formulation review by a Board Certified Toxicologist to assure the formula is safe

2. Ingredient Review

Independent Lab review of the full ingredients list to certify all are allowed per FDA, CPSA and Statutory requirements

3. Package Label Review

All packaging is reviewed to certify presentation meets regulatory and consumer requirements for format as well as presentation and information

4. Microbial Contamination

USP61 and 62- every product is tested to assure against microbial contamination

5. Efficacy of Antibacterial Preservation

USP51- each product is evaluated to test preservative systems are effective to prevent against bacteria growth from your normal daily use

6. Heavy Metal Contamination

All products are checked in lab by Acid digestion techniques to test for contamination of such heavy metals as lead, cadmium, copper, mercury, etc.


Using an independent lab, this is certified doctor supervised, testing on 50 panelists to test if the product causes any potential contact sensitization or irritation

8. Eye Safety

For product used near or around the eye- this is Ophthalmologist certified testing to assure that our product does not cause discomfort, using a panel of 30-50 people

9. Freeze/Thaw

We test to assure that in hot weather and cold your makeup purchased from us will stay consistently stable in the container like the day you started using it

10. Many More

There are many more tests we do as a continued study to assure quality, statutory requirements and purity. We test every manufactured batch to assure consistent quality

Our ingredients are clearly displayed on every package; we have no secrets and no hidden formulas.
Give us a try and feel safe while you do! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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