Practice These Beauty Hacks to Prepare for the Holidays

You probably want to look great at all the upcoming holiday celebrations, but don’t have a lot of time to spend learning and practicing the latest makeup looks. Worry not, because Makeover Essentials’ beauty experts have it covered. We’ve identified several stunning-yet-simple techniques that will prepare you for the festivities in no time.

Let’s begin with the smoky eye – which some people spend hours upon hours trying to perfect. Just get your favorite pointed shadow brush, close your eye, and dab shimmer shadow across both bottom and top lash lines. When you open your eye, use the brush to lend the edges. If you accidentally smudge your mascara, rub it in to magnify the smokiness. While you’re at it, use an illuminator as a replacement for eye shadow.

Now let’s focus on your lips and cheekbones. Apply some highlighter to your cheekbones for a shimmery appeal, or a bronzer if you prefer some warmth. To ensure that your shades match perfectly, why not substitute your blush with the lipstick you’ll be wearing? Simply blend some into the skin along your cheekbones.

Possibly the biggest Makeover Essentials hack of all is to bypass the makeup (almost) entirely – and wear nothing but a deep-red lipstick. You will look so striking it will seem as if you’ve actually applied a plethora of cosmetics.

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