Fresh-Air Skin Care Tips

Summer’s almost here and around Makeover Essentials HQ, we can practically feel the warm breezes blowing through our hair. Outdoor activities are great for our minds and spirits, but enjoying nature at its fullest also requires some adjustments to our skin care regimen:


  • Start With Style: Hiking is a popular summer activity, one that gives us a great workout as we check out new places and spaces. Breathable clothing, such as cotton t-shirts, is a must so that we’re cool and comfortable. Choose shoes for the terrain, such as rocks or climbing hills. Hiking boots are generally all-purpose footwear that can get you from point A to B.


  • Bring Along Wipes: There’s going to be sweat and dirt, which can quickly get trapped in pores and lead to breakouts. Get ahead of this by bringing along Makeover Essentials Makeup Remover to keep your face feeling fresh and clean.


  • SPF It Up: Even if the forecast looks a bit cloudy, if you’re roaming the great outdoors for extended periods, be sure to slather on sunscreen anywhere that’s not covered with clothing (and even some parts that are).


  • Don’t Forget the Moisturizer: Your skin gets just as thirsty as your body when you’re active outside. Fortunately, Makeover Essentials has a number of face and body moisturizers to quench dry skin issues quickly.


Wherever you’re headed this summer, whether it’s a hike or a day on the beach, make sure you bring along Makeover Essentials to keep your skin smooth and clean. Follow us on  Twitter for product updates.