Take Center Stage at This Year’s Halloween Celebration

For those of us in the makeup biz, Halloween is the ultimate holiday! This is our time to shine, and we mean that quite literally – glow-in-the-dark makeup can bring an eerie light to this year’s party. If that’s not your thing though, here are some of the other looks from online influencers that Team Makeover Essentials found while creeping around (get it…cuz’ Halloween?) YouTube:

Freaky Clown: Hayley Bui takes a Halloween classic and puts her signature spin on it. For this haunting yet beautiful look, she starts with red smoky eyeshadow and then layers colors from the peach palette. Eyelashes, eyeliner, and heavy mascara accentuate the clear contact lenses, and she uses liquid eyeliner for the facial design as well. Blood-red liquid lipstick adds just the right amount of glamorous creepiness.

Gori-fied Little Mermaid: One of our favorite artists in the Makeover Essentials office is Glam and Gore, and their take on the Little Mermaid lives up to the hype. For the young (or the young at heart) the demo shows how to use bright, bold red lips, red eyebrows, and a cat’s-eye look using white eyeliner to make the eyes appear wider. From there, the effects of ocean pollution and a fishhook are added. Scary!

Mother of Dragons: With a blonde wig, simple nude lip gloss, bronze eyeshadow and luscious brown eyebrows, Carli Bybel transforms herself into Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons. This look is sure to bring the heat to this year’s holiday celebration.

Halloween only comes once a year, and with these looks the Makeover Essentials team will be making the most of it. Follow us on Instagram for more costume suggestions.