Master the New Makeover Essentials Flat Iron for Perfect Holiday Hair Every Time

Makeover Essentials offers more than an amazing array of make-up. Our very own flat iron is the perfect complement to your inner ME style routine. After all, hair and make-up go together like coffee and cake, it’s just a natural progression for a top cosmetics brand like Makeover Essentials to offer beauty solutions too.

Our flat iron is great for the hair, making it easy to create your favorite hairstyles without damaging your beautiful hair. Here are some of our favorite holiday hairstyles that you can easily recreate with the Makeover Essentials flat iron:

  1. Layered hairstyle: Heat up your flat iron and then create layers by curling the bottom layers of your hair. The outermost layer of your hair should be curled around the smaller twirls beneath it, creating light waves with volume underneath.
  1. Straight wrap: The straight wrap can be achieved by using the flat irons from the parting of the hair, near your scalp and pulling straight down, towards your shoulder so that your tresses meet at the chin. This looks great on women with oval or round faces.
  1. Flip curls: Flip curls are really easy to achieve with a flat iron. Simply clasp the irons around the hair, turn and then gently pull away from your face, leaving your hair curly at the sides. Curls will drop to form a natural, flowing, curled design.

These are just a few of many hairdos you can create to bring out your inner ME! It’s really easy to come up with new ideas and create new, stylish hairstyles using a flat iron, so experiment and have fun! With a Makeover Essentials flat iron, anything is possible, no matter what hair type.