How to Achieve That Perfect Sun-Kissed Look With ME

It’s the look that has summer all over it and one that most of us fiercely try to achieve every year. That sun-kissed glow that says we’ve been out all day at the beach and not stuck in our cubicles. The good news is, thanks to products like we have in our Makeover Essentials lineup, a face that screams fun in the sun is just a few strokes away. Here’s the lowdown on how to achieve it, with hardly a moment outdoors:


  • Stay Golden: A bit of gold or bronze can really give you a fresh, tanned look. With Makeover Essentials Shimmer Powder Brush, you’ll be able to dust your face, and all over your body, with lightly tinted, shimmering agents that add precisely the right mix of shine and shimmer and a touch of color. The best part? It works with any skin tone!


  • Fruity Fresh Lips: Summer means luscious lips stained by bountiful berries or a few frosty popsicles. With Makeover Essentials Juice ME Up lip gloss set, you can get back to days of eating cherries and strawberries right from the field with this trio of shades.


  • The Eyes Have It: Give your peepers more pop to stand out when your shades are off. The Eye Dazzle Duo from Makeover Essentials is just what you need for lashes that say come hither. This mascara-liquid eyeliner works in tandem to make your lashes look full and luscious, but never fake – because they’re all yours!


Achieve that ultimate summer face without spending hours outdoors. Check out our Newswire feed for more products and tips to look your best all year long.