Makeover Essentials Presents DIY Beauty Tips

We’ve all experienced the dismay of ruining our favorite tubes of lipstick, and we also understand the frustration of dropping pressed powder and watching it crumble to pieces. Wasted makeup is cause for dismay at Makeover Essentials, but fortunately, we’ve stumbled upon several beauty hacks to help us through these struggles. Allow us to share them here.

For example, if you’re interested in customizing your own lip gloss, for example, simply scoop some petroleum jelly on a spoon and add some powder from your preferred loose shadow. Mix it, and you’re ready to go! Adding the loose shadow to clear nail polish is also a great way to create a matching lip-and-nail combination.

When your favorite lipstick breaks, remedy the situation by melting both broken ends. The press them together and melt all around the fractured area. When it cools, use your fingers to smooth the tube, and it will be as good as new.

To avoid wasting any type of product in a tube, cut the top of the tube open (opposite from the end that dispenses the product). Then scoop it all into a jar to make it worth your investment – a common practice at Makeover Essentials.

Finally, what do you do when your nail polish refuses to open? An easy remedy implemented at Makeover Essentials is to place the bottle upside down in hot water, so only the handle is covered. Leave it there for approximately one minute, and the bottle will open graciously.

Do you have any do-it-yourself tips to share?