Makeover Essentials: Create a More Expensive Look

For most individuals, allocating budgets of thousands of dollars specifically for clothing is downright unrealistic. As the experts at Makeover Essentials have proven, however, it’s possible to make a standard wardrobe seem couture. For example, there are numerous ways to make poly blends appear more chic and costly. Switching buttons and belts makes a big impact.

To start, always invest in quality coats, because they are what people see first. If you’re going to splurge on your attire, do it here. It’s also advisable to get your clothing tailored, because even the most inexpensive item will immediately seem classier if it is well-fitted. As you do shop – even from the bargain racks – go with black if you are ever in doubt. Darker shades hide imperfections relatively well, and they usually look more expensive too.

It’s a common belief at Makeover Essentials that accessories are just as important as the outfits they enhance. With that in mind, cocktail jewelry like necklaces and ear cuffs will get noticed. Also take excellent care of your shoes, and find a shoemaker (they’re out there!) to remove scuffs and replace soles as needed. As far as your hair goes, a blowout is ideal for a fancy look.

Finally, it’s imperative to properly maintain your clothing. Dry-cleaning fees do add up, but your garments will last longer if you use this valuable service. As such, it’s more cost-effective in the long run. Also purchase a steamer, because wrinkles are definitely not chic, and store your clothes appropriately (loose-knit sweaters tossed on wire hangers is a no-no, for instance).

Use these insights from Makeover Essentials to create a wardrobe that appears high-end and trendy.