Makeover Essentials: Beauty Trends of 2016

As 2016 draws near, people are beginning to think about the trends that will develop in the coming months. Everyone at Makeover Essentials has made predictions regarding the makeup and hair styles that will soon emerge. If you want to be on the cutting edge, keep the following information in mind.

It may be time to begin experimenting with wigs, for example. Consider something candy-colored and bold, such as the preferred look of Kylie Jenner, or supermodel Gigi Hadid’s subtle partial wig. Of course, there are countless options that fall between these extremes as well.

If you haven’t yet noticed any bronze lids on the runways, you will soon. No matter what season it is, a warm bronze tone – of which there are plenty of options at Makeover Essentials – enhances eye color and adds a feel of warmth to any look. For added embellishment, center and side parts will be adorned with braids, glitter, and other accents. Actually, prepare to find glitter everywhere – lips, roots, arm pits, and even beards.

It seems faux freckles are gaining traction as well, and although a brown pen or eyeliner is sufficient to create some specks, there are stencil kits specifically for this purpose. As you apply your freckles, you may notice that your eyebrows could use some tweezing. Be sure to stay away from the sprouts at the beginnings of your brows, because the youthful look they create will be big in 2016.

Keep these anticipated predictions from Makeover Essentials in mind as you enter the new year.