Makeover Essentials’ Adele Tutorial

Adele captivates people not only with her sultry voice, but also with her beauty, so it’s no wonder so many of her fans try to emulate her. It does require significant effort, but achieving her signature look is certainly possible with some Makeover Essentials recommendations.

For the bouffant hairstyle, section off the top half of your hair and blow the bottom half straight. Tease the locks on top with a fine tooth comb (and an abundance of hairspray), and secure them with bobby pins. According to the experts at Makeover Essentials, the hair is the easy part.

To begin the transformation on your face, use a flesh-toned matte eyeshadow on your lower eyelid and then cover your face with foundation. Don’t be afraid to apply several layers, blending it using a wet makeup sponge and sealing it with loose powder. Then use a contouring powder to thin your nose – swipe it down each side starting at the inner brow and extending approximately halfway down the nose.

Next, use some pomade to add definition to your brow and move on to a cream-based eyeliner to create a winged look, starting at the outer portion of your eye and moving inward. The following step is to curl your top eyelashes, and then apply mascara. When you do so, pull the mascara wand at a diagonal so your lashes curl in the same direction as the liner. You might even apply a false eyelash to the outer third of each lid. The final step is to add nude liner to your lips, only slightly overdrawing the upper lip.

The singing sensation herself will be touring in the coming months, so keep these tips from Makeover Essentials in mind as you prepare for the big concert.