Makeover Essential Outshines with Big Brand Cosmetics

High-priced make-up lines tout their products as superior, but Makeover Essentials outshines them by offering exceptionally beautiful results at a much more affordable price. All you need to do is explore our amazing line of affordable cosmetics and beauty products for yourself to discover how you can achieve a luxurious look that expresses your inner ME without breaking the bank.

Let’s take the $80 Twilight Pink Lip and Eye palette, for instance. This product offers a range of color palettes for the lips and eyes in a compact that features a brush and pencil, as well as a mirror. The colors vary little though they do offer a slight shimmer.  Just a little too small of a selction, if you ask us, making it difficult for you to express your daring or wild side.

Jump over to the Makeover Essentials store to compare this Bobbi Brown option to our amazing little Purse Petite Mini. This ultra-compact piece makes it easy to enjoy long-lasting eye make-up, and unlike the competitor line, offers brighter colors in case you feel like spicing it up a little. The compact has some neutral browns and attractive reds, as well as black and white, and a cheeky blue in case you feel like adding a little summer color to the mix.

The best part? The Purse Petite Mini is just $24.99! For this much lower price you get a better range of colors, a smaller, more portable compact, a mini portable brush and a mirror. We think the choice is easy, and hope you do, too.