Looks That Say “Be My Valentine”

February is just around the corner, bringing with it the most romantic day of the year. If your plans for Valentine’s Day are shaping up like a candy heart, Makeover Essentials has the details on this year’s hottest trends that will have you ready to say “Be Mine!” and get a fast yes:

• Flushed Cheeks: A good blush should add just a hint of color. This year’s look adds peachy or pink tones to give cheeks a subtle pop that suggests excitement and desire.

• Stained Lips: The best dates end with even better kisses. But do you really want your date to be wearing your lipstick? Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts suggest using a lip stain that can add shade to your lips to wear well all night without marking your special someone.

• Come-Hither Eyes: What sets off long, luxurious lashes better than a shimmering eye shadow. Go for a dramatic look that makes your eyes sparkle across a candlelit table set for two or in front of a roaring fireplace.

• Confection-Inspired Colors: Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest candy holidays, and everyone loves a good toffee, caramel, or chocolate. Now you can apply these treat-inspired colors to your eyes and lips, and entice your date to take a nibble.

• Pink Polish: While roses are red, nails can be pretty in pink. Take a break from the darker polish and paint your nails in a softer, rosy shade.

Whether your style is sweetheart pastel or fiery red hot, you’ll look great this V-day with these trends. And don’t forget to like Makeover Essentials on Facebook for tips on how to rock any holiday look.