Looking for Holiday Inspiration? See Kandee Johnson!

One of the great things about living in the digital age is that we have access to brilliant people sharing their thoughts on just about everything – including makeup and fashion. About every month or so in the Makeover Essentials office, we find a new favorite makeup artist or fashion guru to follow online, and for the holiday season we’ve landed on Kandee Johnson.

Kandee has a go-to look for every occasion, and is quickly becoming someone our younger generation can look up to. She has an extensive background as a celebrity makeup artist on movies, TV shows, commercials, and celebrity appearances. If you check out her blog, she has pictures of herself with some of the famous people she’s made up, and also photos of rodeo cowboys she worked with on an ad campaign. She made some of the roughest, toughest men in the world look their best while still maintaining their iconic rugged appearance. That’s a real testament to her skill, in our Team Makeover Essentials opinion.

She’s a bit of a celebrity in her own right too, having been a guest on talk shows like “Good Morning America,” “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and “Fablife.” This, plus her inspirational Instagram posts and fun makeup tutorials makes her a gal we can count on for beauty advice when we absolutely, positively need to look our best: like the holidays!

We’ve got you covered for all your beauty go-tos this holiday season, and recommend Kandee Johnson to give you great advice on how to create an unforgettable look. Check out our Makeover Essentials [Newswire] feed to learn more.