Look Your Best Wherever You’re Headed

Traveling doesn’t mean we should escape our beauty routines. In fact, whether we’re going by plane, train, or automobile, we need to step up our skincare game a bit while on the move. That’s why your beauty experts at Makeover Essentials have some great tips to keep you feeling and looking fine on your journey.

Now, it’s not easy to pack everything you need for your skincare and makeup regimen. Especially if you’re traveling by air and you plan to carry on your luggage, you’ll be limited in size due to TSA regulations. Not to worry, though. You can fill TSA-approved bottles of your favorite moisturizers and foundations or bring sample sizes with you. For the rest of your cosmetics, think essentials that match with your outfits. You can also check out Makeover Essentials’ all-in-one mini case, so you have everything you need in one box.

Air travel is especially drying, so before you leave, slather on the serums and hand creams. Most importantly, stay hydrated from inside out by drinking tons of water. Don’t rely on in-flight beverage service, either. Bring a clear, empty water bottle you can fill after security or splurge on a big bottle of water before you board.

Another very important tip: apply SPF on your face before you go. If you’re seated by a window, particularly on a plane, you’ll find yourself in sunlight for perhaps hours at a time.

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