Look Festive With These Makeup Ideas

Holiday season is a busy time of year, with all sorts of celebrations and family engagements. It isn’t easy to move from one activity to the next while keeping your makeup fresh. Makeover Essentials’ beauty experts have some quick and easy solutions to this dilemma. Here are our favorites:

• Vibrant Red Lips: Apply a shade akin to a stop sign, and you’ll attract so much attention to your lips that the rest of your makeup will be of little concern. If you’d prefer more of a toned-down appearance simply dab the edges of your lips with a cotton swab.

• Cool Lids: Although mascara is typically a Makeover Essentials mainstay, sometimes it just isn’t necessary. For example, you can forego focusing on your lashes and take a silvery metallic eye pencil to your top lids instead. Draw a slightly thick line right above your lashes, and consider darkening your brows a bit to help pop out the look even more.

• Bright Skin: Don’t allow the hustle and bustle of the seasonal festivities to leave you looking lackluster. Apply a highlighter in a C-shape around the outside of each eye, down the middle of your nose, and along the line of your upper lip. Add to the look by using a creamy blush to emphasize rosy cheeks.

These ideas will help you keep your makeup on point through every holiday extravaganza. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook