The Latest and Greatest Fall Hair Colors

Bathing suits have been tucked away and replaced by sweaters, and sundresses are retired in favor of scarves. Highlights must inevitably be traded in for more seasonable shades as well. Makeover Essentials’ beauty experts present some of Fall’s best hair colors.

If you’d like to maintain some semblance of the warm and sunny look of the Summer, opt for something that falls between beach blond and brunette. Think of the golden color of Autumn leaves – and go with it!

A deep, rich red is an excellent possibility as well. It’s a particularly doable option for brunettes who would like to brighten things up. To ensure that the hue hits the mark, ask your favorite stylist for cinnamon tones.

If you prefer more of a sultry look, Makeover Essentials has you covered. Mahogany, chocolate, and nutmeg tones will take your brown to another level entirely.

If a traditional color isn’t really your thing, go back to the basics. Consider any of the primary colors and find the one that resonates as most expressive to you, suggests Redken’s global color creative director, Josh Wood. He says, “I see the softer, more pastel colors getting strong and more bold.”

Our Makeover Essentials style experts are experimenting with these shades – as well as the metallic silver, brass, and platinum looks. Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned in to all our fabulous ME beauty ideas this season.