We’re Puffed Up About Our Latest Product

Want to know the secret to a flawless look? It’s all in the blending and Makeover Essentials newest product, Puff Pack! Puff me another! is just the ticket to bring out anyone’s inner makeup artist.

Each Puff Pack contains three different sponges, with unique edges, points, and softness, so you can achieve an expert application with full coverage. Use your puffs to blend in your foundation and create contours. Whether you’re going for a softer look or chiseled cheeks, you’ll find these puffs will deliver the results your heart desires.

Our Makeover Essentials experts have a few tips to help you get started with your puffs. First, before you apply foundation, you want your puff to be slightly damp so that its texture is light and fluffy. Wet it first, then be sure to squeeze out the excess water. If your puff is too dry, it will absorb foundation liquid, which will make it too cakey to apply nicely. However, a puff that’s too wet will change the texture of the base and make things too runny. It’s a good idea to keep one puff dry for powder applications as well. The pointed tip is perfect for areas like under the eye that can be challenging to reach with normal sponges.

When applying, the best way to conserve your foundation is to dab the puff, rather than pump or pour the liquid onto it. This will also help you get better coverage and even color. When setting your look, always press rather than sweep to create a natural appearance.

Cleaning your Makeover Essentials Puff Pack is a cinch, too. Just a bit of soap and water, rinse, repeat, and dry. It will be ready for you next time.

Our Puff Pack is just one of the new products that we’re excited about around the Makeover Essentials office. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know about our upcoming offerings.