How Meghan Markle Is Challenging Royal Beauty Rules

By now, Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry is old news. All the details that surround it, however, are still hot topics. People continue to chatter about the impending wedding festivities. Even throughout the Makeover Essentials office, the image of her elegance in a stunning white gown, bejeweled accessories, and flawless hair keeps discussion lively and curious.

As with any big event like this, people all over the world are keeping close watch on the Prince’s and Markle’s public appearances. Since the engagement was announced, for instance, they visited a youth-focused radio station based in London. We noticed right away that aside from Markle’s genuine smile and grace, something was different.

We’re used to seeing the actress sporting her Hollywood look – wavy brunette locks worn loose. During her outing, she opted instead for a bun set low on her neck. A few wisps of hair framed her face, which was free of makeup. It’s clear that Markle is stunning with or without the fuss of a beauty routine, and her no-fuss appearance only adds to her appeal.

Markle’s style adds something natural and refreshing to the royal entourage. After all, even Kate Middleton is rarely seen without her signature rosy cheeks and lips. Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts are eagerly awaiting more of Markle’s unconventional yet sophisticated statements.

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