What’s in YOUR Makeup? Ours Brings Out the Best in You

Team Makeover Essentials is committed to helping people look their best with products that are and pure and effective. Not only does this mean high-quality ingredients, but safe ingredients as well. We protect our customers by testing to make sure our products are free from scary things like heavy metals.

That’s right, there are no heavy metals in our products. What’s more, we go a step further and ensure there is no titanium dioxide in our powder products. Titanium dioxide is found in 99 percent of blushes, powders, and (most commonly) eyeshadow. There is an ongoing controversy concerning this metal, with some experts believing that titanium dioxide (TD) is toxic when the particles become airborne (as powdery particles do). This is why Makeover Essentials ensures that our eyeshadow and other powder products are safe by testing them to ensure they are free of TD and meet our safety standards.

We also make sure our products meet all USA-allowed ingredient requirements – and then test them again to be sure there are no surprises after the production process. Not only does this keep out the heavy metals like lead, but also all known carcinogens. After all, people look their best when they’re healthy, and we want our products to contribute to your healthy glow.

We don’t just sell makeup: we’re part of a lifestyle choice that helps people look and feel their best. Follow Makeover Essentials on [Instagram] to learn more about our commitment to quality.