Help Your Skin Survive the Holidays

From shopping to celebrating, the holiday season adds some extra hustle and bustle to your usual activities. It’s a lot to balance, and if you aren’t careful your complexion will be left looking worn and dull. Makeover Essentials has done the work to save you the stress of finding the best products to protect your skin during all the upcoming family gatherings and cocktail parties.

Winter’s dry air is known for the havoc it can wreak on skin, but Tatcha Gold Camelia Beauty Oil will save the day. It’s full of fatty acids and antioxidants that offer protection from harsh weather and moisturize rough, red skin. When your face is feeling extra dry, spritz on a bit of SK-II Pitera Mid-Day Essence throughout the day. It will give your skin the hydration it needs without causing your makeup to run.

The Colbert MD Illumino Anti-Aging Brightening Mask is a Makeover Essentials favorite. Late nights equate to lack of sleep, which leads to tired-looking skin. This product returns glow to any complexion by facilitating the renewal of skin cells. Use it twice weekly to combat dark spots and other imperfections.

You’ll have much more fun during holiday gatherings if you aren’t distracted by the discomfort of tight, dry skin. Beauty oil, midday spray, and some brightening masks will keep your complexion fresh.

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