Have Fun With These Spring Break Fashion Trends

Sunny days and warm evenings are right around the corner, and our beauty experts can’t wait to enjoy a fabulous spring break! We’re up to speed on the season’s latest trends, and eager to share them with you as well. Look fashion-forward with these Makeover Essentials fashion recommendations:

  • White: Admittedly, white isn’t exactly the easiest color to keep clean, but if you’re careful you will make waves in such crisp apparel. Anything goes – shorts, blouses, tanks, jeans, dresses, skirts, hats, shoes, and other accessories.
  • Stripes: Striped attire, from jackets to swimsuits, is also in this year. Any bold and bright colors will work, but the traditional navy and white combinations are especially popular. Look for sailor shorts or off-the-shoulder tops with all sorts of stripe patterns. 
  • Pink: As a general rule, Makeover Essentials never discounts the power of pink. Most specifically, pale dogwood shades are gaining momentum. It’s a relatively muted, peaceful color, so contrasting it with something bold will make for a nice balance.
  • High Shoes: We aren’t just referring to heels here. Whether flip-flops, tennis shoes, loafers, or boots, lifted footwear is making a comeback. You can go several inches high if you dare, but even a small platform on your shoe will work.

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