Get the Perfect Color Makeover Essentials Make-Up for Stunning Eyes

Choosing the right eye make-up relies a lot on your skin tone. Shades will look different on different tones of skin, and if you’re not careful, your eye make-up may not make an impact at all if you choose the wrong colors. To get the right shade, and one that will stand out, it’s important to consider your skin color and use the right color foundation before applying your eye make-up.

Makeover Essentials has a vast collection of eye make-up that makes it super easy to find the right color for you. The first step however is to find out what color your eyes are – go look in the mirror and then you’re ready to start! The following guide can help you ensure you’re using the right colors.

  1. Blue eyes: Blue eyes really pop when you use smoky eye shadows. A favorite for blue-eyed women is different shades of brown, whether it’s beige, light brown or a darker chocolate color. Applying this to your eyes creates a striking and dramatic appearance. Meanwhile, a deep blue shade can offer a calm and complementary effect.
  1.  Brown eyes: Brown eyes are enhanced and look really dazzling with sparkling eye shadows, including pink and perhaps a tinted beige. These shades highlight brown eyes and don’t overpower the naturally beautiful color. Copper, bronze and greens can give a more casual look, once again complementing the brown color without drowning it out.
  1.  Green eyes: Green eyes stand out with a good mixture of  brown and vivid blue, and they look so great with vivid berry shades. The dramatic natures of these colors don’t clash, but instead look quirky, cool and encapsulating. Black eye liner can add perfect definition between these vivid colors.

So take some time to try out different eye make-up colors from our Makeover Essentials line until you find the perfect combination to make your inner you shine …through your eyes!