Get Summer Bronzers from Makeover Essentials for a Natural Glow

Who doesn’t love a great bronzed look all year round? But getting a natural looking, summer glow with a bronzer not only depends on the proper use of bronzer, but also on the quality of the makeup that you choose. Makeover Essentials has a great line of high-quality makeup and brushes available including the incredibly popular Sunkissed Bronzing Powder. The small and lightweight compact offers the ideal balance between shimmer and bronzer.

To get the most out of your Makeover Essentials bronzer, use our best bronzer application tips:

  1. Start with foundation. You should only apply bronzer once you have applied your concealer and foundation. With an even coat over the face that creates a smooth finish, you can apply bronzer with the confidence of knowing it will appear natural. It is just like making a blank canvas before you start applying the bronzer.
  1. Use proper brush technique. You should apply bronzer to the brush by swirling it in the powder to give you an even coat. Swirl the brush in the powder to gain a light coating, and gently tap off any extra.
  1. Focus on the correct areas. Apply the bronzer to the parts of your face where the sun would naturally hit you. Start with light strokes on the forehead, and then work down to the cheekbones and then down your jawline.
  1. Do a final quality check. Once applied, check your bronzer in the daylight. This is the final step to making sure you have the perfect natural look!

To get the best look, you should combine our Sunkissed Bronzer with our line of bronzer brushes that help you get an even and professional finish.