Get Prom-Ready With These Expert Ideas

Prom night is an unforgettable experience for many young individuals. There are weeks – sometimes months – of planning involved to find the perfect dress, accessories, hairstyle, and more. Makeover Essentials is here to help, so keep these ideas in mind as you prepare for the big event.

If you’re worried about a breakout of skin blemishes just before prom, get eye drops that are formulated to reduce redness. These drops have anti-inflammatory agents, which constrict blood vessels and minimize redness. After applying the drops to your skin, apply a lemon scrub to brighten things up. Just remember to do it at night or avoid sunlight just after application, and to follow up with a moisturizer.

Just as importantly, be careful about how your approach your brows and hair. Waxing or plucking the day of or the day before prom may leave your skin a bit irritated, so get this chore out of the way in the middle of the week. Your opportunities for hairstyle are nearly endless, so consider doing something a bit different. Leave-in conditioner is a Makeover Essentials mainstay because it leaves locks shiny and healthy-looking.

When it comes to your eyes and smile, think color. A whitening strip will work wonders for your teeth if you use it throughout prom week, and – like your hair – your lip color should be a bit out of the ordinary (and mesh with your dress, of course). Adding a sparkly top coat and some color to your waterline will make your eyes pop without going overboard.

Enjoy a magical prom night, and like Makeover Essentials on Facebook to find more beauty hacks like these!