Get On Board With These Spring Beauty Tips

Winter may be dragging its feet, but we know spring isn’t far away. With that in mind, we’re going to be amply prepared when the sunshine does arrive! Our beauty experts have done the research, so we know how to welcome the season in style. To do the same, remember these Makeover Essentials beauty experts’ suggestions.

It’s been a while since matching sets have been looked upon favorably, and that’s because they often convey the impression of being too stiff and perfect. Matching attire is back in the spotlight, however, and there’s a secret to avoiding that overly put-together look. It’s simply a matter of prioritizing comfort. Sneakers and baggy shorts with a loose, breezy top will make you look appropriately laid back.

One-piece swimsuits were never really out of style, but certain cuts and patterns were definitely counted as fashion don’ts. These days, we’re happy to report that high-cut Baywatch-style suits are back in businesses. Feel free to get creative with ruffles, stripes, floral prints, and polka dots as well. Purposeful and proud is a Makeover Essentials motto!

It’s seems there’s also a unique attention to detail this spring season. If you look closely, you’ll find tassels and pom-poms dangling from jewelry, bags, purses, shoes, swimsuits and more. As you think about incorporating these details into your own ensembles, consider a few nautical accents too. Knotted cork heels and tied ropes on your belt buckle will set things off nicely.

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