Get Into the Holiday Groove With These Fashion Trends

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, Makeover Essentials’ festivities have begun. There’s a lot more to wear to all those parties than basic black dresses. Here are some in-style looks for you to adorn as you celebrate:

• Try Something Metallic: Take things a step beyond the usual silvers and golds. Try a shiny metallic top paired with a deep-colored skirt – something like a nice, deep burgundy. Then add a sharp contrast in the form of green or blue lipstick.

• Go Without the Sequined One-Piece: It isn’t out of the ordinary to see people decked in sequined gowns at formal events. The sequins are great, but they’ll make more of a statement as accents. Consider a long, sequined skirt or a silk blouse with sequined sleeves.

• Experiment With Velvet: A sleek velvet suit in a carefully-chosen color makes significant impact. Red is certainly a festive possibility, and green is a Makeover Essentials favorite. Give the look a final touch in the form of ankle-strap heels.

• If It’s Going to Be a Dress, Make It a Slip: Slip dresses are as stunning as ever, especially those with flared silhouettes, ruffled hemlines, and lace overlays. Add a matching pair of lace-up heels to accentuate the ensemble.

With these possibilities, you’ll be the life of the party. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook