Get Fuller Looking Lips with Makeover Essentials Lip Compacts

Want to express your inner ME with fuller looking lips? Fret not; Makeover Essentials is here to help with a great new range of lip compacts. These little kits include the colors of your choice, along with a large mirror and application brushes. You can also purchase lip-gloss sets, giving you various applicator choices.

Once you have your new lip gloss set in hand, the best way to get the full lip look is to ensure that you apply the gloss properly.

1. Choose the right color: It’s important that you select a color that suits you. A good rule to go by is that creating a contrast between your skin tone and lip color makes for a striking look. A darker lip tint on pale skin can be striking while lighter lipstick palettes on darker skin tones will make heads turn. Pastel or nude color lipsticks can be used for daytime look.

2. Use expert application techniques: To apply your lip gloss properly for that fuller lip look, use the Makeover Essentials applicator stick and rub in a circular motion all over your lips for an even application. If you are using a roll-on lipstick, start on the bottom lip and then move to the top.

3. Distribute evenly: Once you have applied the gloss to both lips, evenly, it’s time to rub your lips together to create a better distribution of gloss.

4. Add a lighter center: Using a different applicator stick, apply a small dab of lighter-colored gloss to the center of your lower lip and blend in that area. This will add the illusion of a fuller lower lip.

5. Touch up: If you need a touch up, try putting a little gloss on your finger and spreading it around your lips. This adds extra shine to your lips after adding to that full lip look.

If you’re looking for more tips, then the Makeover Essentials website has all the information you need about different products and varieties of lip compacts. Be sure to head on over and see some of the amazing product lines we carry!