Get Beach-Ready With the Proper Skincare Routine

Like many around the Makeover Essentials office, you’re probably planning a fun summer getaway. Perhaps you’re looking forward to a sunny beach vacation. We want you to enjoy yourself, and these skincare strategies will help:

  • Before You Settle Into the Sand: Use plenty of moisturizer and apply sunscreen liberally (do it prior to dressing to ensure that you don’t miss anything). You’ll need to reapply once you arrive at the beach, but a base layer is vital. Remember to pack important items like a sun hat, an umbrella, sunblock and lip balm with high SPF, and aloe vera gel.
  • During the Day: Slather yourself with sunblock throughout the day – preferably every two hours and whenever you emerge from the water. As far as our Makeover Essentials beauty experts are concerned, it’s impossible to be too attentive. Periodically assess your skin for dryness as well, and use your aloe vera to prevent chapping if necessary.
  • After You Leave the Shore: Give your skin some extra care once you return home. Cleanse yourself thoroughly to remove debris from your pores and use a gentle product on your face. Then spend some time under a cooking mask, followed by some hydrating lotion. Once these steps are complete, you’ll be ready to return to your usual routine.

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