Get All the Colors Your Need with a Makeover Essentials Custom Compact

Personalized Custom Compact 3

Take your self-expression to a whole new level with our new Makeover Essentials customized compact that gives you exactly the product you want in a sleek, portable size! With this convenient, beautiful set, your inner ME will be busting out in no time!

Our new Custom Compact has everything you’ll ever need in a make-up compact. Its small size and integrated mirror makes it ideal to put in your purse when you’re out about town, weighing only 18.3 grams. But we pack in a lot of functionality into such a tiny space.

Start to personalize your Custom Compact by deciding how you want to use it. Will you select colors dedicated to varied seasons or times of day? Do you want one Custom Compact for each new look your inner ME wants to express? Once you’ve determined its purpose, fill it with our quality make-up to match your beauty goals.

Whatever your choice, you can create your own color palette today and then switch out the colors tomorrow if you change your mind. Each color cube can be easily replaced making it ideal for any mood.

The compact is designed to be the perfect solution for letting you put together a system that makes your self-expression a breeze. This customizable compact is one of a kind with a great looking case, too. It makes a great gift or lets you pamper yourself a little instead. Express yourself exactly the way you want for just $32.99.