Get a Spooky Makeover Essentials Look this Halloween



Make-Up trends are ever evolving with Halloween make-up styles changing from year to year. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to be playful and adventurous with make-up – after all, it’s the day when you can unleash your inner superhero or damsel in distress freely!

At Makeover Essentials, we’re sure that Halloween 2013 is set to be super stylish. This year, it’s not just about creating a scary look; Halloween trends point to make-up styles that range from colorful psychedelic glam to haunting to artsy. Makeover Essentials makes your Halloween style – whatever it is – simple with new releases, including amazing new personalized compacts that let you choose your own colors, super elongating eyelash brushes, and more!

Some of the biggest crazes in make-up today come from Kasimir Szekeres photographs with make-up techniques you can replicate to match your out of this world costume this year. To capture this look, try blending similar colors in a gradient above your eyes, and extending outwards towards the side of the head. The temples can be highlighted with triangular shapes and patterns that are consistent with the color gradient as above your eyes. This quirky design can also be incorporated into the hair, with eye shadow tinting part of your hair at the temples.

On the flip side, a more conventional style is back this year: dark cheeks, dark lips and dark eyes for that mysterious appeal. Supermodels regularly rock this look. You can too with an added edge by using dark reds, browns or even purples instead of vampire black for your dramatic or romantic costume look.

For more ideas, be sure to take a look at our Makeover Essentials product lines for endless inspiration.  We’re sure you’ll find something that will lend a hand in drawing out your secret inner ME.