Top YouTube Beauty Bloggers on Makeover Essentials’ Watchlist

We’re big on learning here at Makeover Essentials. Our team scours both the internet and the real world for the hottest trends in beauty and cosmetics to bring them to you. Most makeup enthusiasts will tell you when it comes to getting that perfect look, it helps to see how it’s done. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our five favorite YouTube channels for makeup how-tos:

• Number 1: NikkieTutorials: What started out as a bad weekend sick in bed and binge watching The Hills ignited this Netherlands native’s passion for makeovers. Starting with one YouTube tutorial and a handful of likes, Nikkie now has 12 million subscribers to her channel and has become one of the most influential beauty bloggers out there.

• Number 2: Patrick Starrr: Patrick’s love of arts may have started off with music and photography, but it’s his makeup tutorials on YouTube that really showcase his knack for making things beautiful to the world. From his career at MAC Cosmetics to his 4 million channel subscribers, our Makeover Essentials experts deem Patrick as one to watch.

• Number 3: Michelle Phan: Now a leading voice in the cosmetics world, Michelle’s love for makeup and determination to succeed earned her 8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. In fact, her videos have been viewed over a billion times! Today, Michelle’s empire continues to grow as she launches various cosmetic ventures.

• Number 4: Kathleen Lights: Miami-born Kathleen Fuentes is a recognized beauty vlogger whose YouTube channel now has over 3.5 million subscribers. What attracts people to Kathleen’s work is her simple, easy-to-do-at-home makeup techniques, including one video in which her husband helps!

• Number 5: Raw Beauty Kristi: We’re into keeping it real around Makeover Essentials, which is why we love to watch Kristi in action. Not only does she tell it like it is about makeup, but she dishes on other life lessons she’s learned as well – plus her cats. Since launching her YouTube channel in 2012, she has just over 700,000 subscribers.

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