Fashion Forward: What to Wear This Fall

The leaves are beginning to change colors, and the biggest Fall designs have already been presented on the runways. Although every ensemble offers something special, we’ve perused the most wearable and enticing to identify some Makeover Essentials favorites.

Let’s begin with the bright and sunny look of the floral sundress that is so popular in Spring and Summer. It transitions nicely into a moodier, darker bouquet print for the Autumn. This look is not limited to the traditional burgundies, browns, and burnt oranges of the season, however. Some of the loveliest items include deep pinks, purples, and blues.

Athletic wear – especially that inspired by the 1980s – will continue to be a mainstay in leisure wardrobes as the weather gets colder. Expect high necklines and zippers everywhere, from dresses to parkas. The appeal here extends beyond comfort. This look inspires a sense of nostalgia we welcome at Makeover Essentials.

We noticed a lot of boxy, business-like silhouettes on the runways as well. The layering of sheer turtlenecks and long button-ups set off these ensembles nicely. Expect to see them not only in standard greys (with stripes), but also in pale pinks. There are tailored trousers, deconstructed blazers, and more.

We’re looking forward to adorning these styles in the coming months. Makeover Essentials details popular Fall looks, such us moody floral prints, 1980s athletic wear, pale pinks, sheer layers, and boxy suits.