Draw Them In with Seductive Eyes with the Makeover Essentials Eye Design Set

Get the seductive eyes your inner ME has been longing for with our Essentials Eye
Design Set
from Makeover Essentials designed to suit any complexion. This kit offers natural colors that bring out your seductive and alluring eyes and makes it easy to recreate every day.

To get the full effect of this Makeover Essentials product, it’s important to apply the make-up properly.

1. Apply foundation: Start by applying your regular face make-up, including foundation and bronzer, blush, and lip colors. The eye make-up should be the last thing you do, except for your mascara, of course.

2. Start with light eye colors first: Once you have the basics in place, apply your lightest eye make-up color first with a brush. This is called the highlighter shade, and it is usually a creamy, pale shade. It should go above your eyelashes and just below the eyebrows.

3. Apply a medium shade: It’s time to add your middle hue, which should be a shade darker than your highlighter shade. This should be applied within the confines of the first layer and blended in.

4. Add your contour layer: Finally, contour the eyelid using the darkest shade you have. This gives definition to the eyes and shows a gradient in color, which is both alluring and professional, making it a great every day look. Blend your eye shadow applications to create a smooth, flowing gradient from lash to brow and not three straight block colors.

Thanks to the quality of the make-up from Makeover Essentials, you don’t have to be a professional make-up artist to get that salon blending look. Plus, this Essentials Eye Design Set comes with brushes and a curler, which makes for hassle-free eyebrows and lashes, and simplifies make-up application above and below the eye. We’ve thought of everything in our quest to making it easier for you to express your inner ME!