Decluttering Your Makeup Collection

One of the biggest trends in the makeup world right now is taking on a declutter project for your makeup collection. Many makeup influencers are posting videos of their own declutter efforts for others to follow along as they rid themselves of products they no longer use, or products they bought on a whim. 

For health and beauty vlogger Kendra Atkins, decluttering means keeping what she knows she’ll use even as a busy mom of three. Sticking to your essentials as a first step in your declutter efforts is a great way to narrow down the items you know you’ll use all the time, like a primer that can keep you looking fresh for hours. For a primer that lasts, check out Makeover Essentials Face Primer. 

Makeup vlogger Shaaanxo finds that clearing out her lipstick drawers is a therapeutic exercise. Throwing out expired items, or setting aside items that have never been used and are still sealed in the box to donate is the perfect way to pare down excess makeup. Lip color that pops is an essential part of any makeup drawer, and Makeover Essentials has you covered with Lip Addiction II, lip glosses and color in one.    

Beauty vlogger Kathleen Lights has a hard time narrowing down what to keep because it’s both her passion and her job to collect great products, but her decluttering efforts still pay off when she takes a practical approach, only keeping items she truly loves in her collection. Multi-use products that are collected in one compact can be the perfect way to consolidate, like Makeover Essentials Conceal Me kit.  

Ultimately, you want a makeup collection that’s based on a few essential products that you use all the time, and some products that you use occasionally, but really love. 

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