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Get Out of Your Lifeless Makeup Routine With Our Weekly Essentials Kit!

Makeover Essentials is committed to providing high quality makeup that really reflects the inner beauty of each woman. We’ve put together an ultra-organized set that combines multiple products into one neat package. Invigorate your regular makeup routine with a range of colors. Beautiful eyes, cheeks, and lips are all at your fingertips with this compact kit.

  • 6 Eye Shadows
  • 3 Lip Gloss choices
  • 1 Blush
  • 1 Concealer
  • 1 Mascara Wand
  • 1 Lip Pencil
  • 1 Eye Pencil
  • 1 Translucent Powder
  • 3 Applicators
  • 1 Puff

This complete kit allows you to scrap all of your random makeup cases and compacts, and organize your morning routine into one simple case. Featuring a mirror and a pull-out drawer for applicator storage, you’ll never need another makeup case option. After your makeup has been flawlessly applied, the entire set tucks away neatly with drawers and lids to keep your life simple.

Focus on expressing your inner ME on a daily basis with the infinite style choices you’ll have. The color options allow bold or neutral combinations to fit every skin tone and even mood! Makeover Essentials strives to allow women the privilege of brightly displaying who they are with choices in the latest makeup trends. Step away from the standard season colors, and let Makeover Essentials help you embrace your inner ME.

Makeover Essentials’ Most Wanted Makeup Colors

With the new spring season about to launch, Makeover Essentials decided to check out the latest trends in color to give you some fantastic ideas for your next spring outing. Here’s what we found at the spring runways:

  • Electric Orange – While orange has been around for a while, this season’s shade is brighter and sexier. This neon-esque coloring goes well with the creams and muted whites that have been all the rave in 2014.
  • Blue, Blue, Blue – Francois Nars made good use of blue during the Marc Jacobs runway and now it is everywhere. Whether you give it just a dab in the creases, or cover the lids from tip to brow – blue’s where it’s at!
  • Metallic – Eye shadow colors are also proving to love the gold metal shine. Metal hues brighten up any skin tone, giving it a sunny glow and drawing attention to your enigmatic eyes.
  • English Rose – This teatime color is making a comeback, in eye shadow and lip color form. This lovely shade of pink also perfectly complements the blue trends we’ve been seeing on the catwalk.
  • Color in Your Liner – Really let those eyes pop with a Navy Blue eyeliner. Looking for extra pop? Trace the classic cat eyes with this color as well.
  • Candied Polish – Though classic candy colors might include pink and orange, this season’s delicious nail polish color includes a chocolate brown. Bringing just a bit of fall into the spring season, dramatize your nails a bit with coffee-colored tips!
  • Berries and Cream – Highlight your cheekbones with berry-colored blush! Instead of the usual powdered hues, try using a cream. This gives you more control. Just add a dot on each cheek and spread out by tracing your cheekbones.

Express your inner ME with any of these delightful spring trends!

Makeover Essentials’ Makeup Trends for Your Hair Color

Makeover Essentials loves a wide and varied color palette! This gives us the chance to let you shine with a shade for every skin and hair color. Here are some of the best makeup trends this season by hair color!


Brown is a great color for makeup options, especially dark browns. The brunette shade offers the chance to pull off so many vibrant color schemes! Bronzers, glitter, green, and blue all add a unique and natural look to this shade of hair color.


This dark hair color should be met with smoky shades, like navy or charcoal, and look best with lip and cheek colors that are subtler. This brings out the pop of hair color that beautifully frames the face.


The warm richness of a mane of ginger hair pairs well with fierce green eye shadows and brown eyeliner. Natural colors work best with this tone, so stick to the neutrals. Lips will look equally warm and inviting with a soft nude or pinky brown.


Play up the light iridescence of blonde hair by keeping things simple. Add shimmery amber or champagne eye shadows to a peachy-pink blush to keep the ethereal glow your hair gives. Pair with black or dark brown eyeliner to really bring out the color of your eyes. Natural or rose lip colors will go well with this makeup palette.

Check out our whole line of spring colors that fit every skin tone and style. Let us show you how to best express your inner ME today!

Makeover Essentials Talks Spring Eye Makeup Trends

Makeover Essentials is always up to date with the latest trends in makeup. This spring brings with it a whole new world of color, with classic shades thrown out in favor of more adventurous options. Combined with a new silky textured eye shadow, your eyes this spring will be the center of attention!


  • Teal – This shade has been making the rounds at fashion shows, blending green and blue together for a delicate take on teal.
  • Seafoam – Seafoam green, incidentally, is also known as spring green. The 90’s throwback is making waves this spring season, with the light green hue satisfying both the edgy and girly aesthetic.
  • Emerald – Bring on the statement color! This dark green mixes warm and cool tones, beautifully complementing all eye colors.
  • Nectarine – While keeping in the orange family, this shade offers a paler look, letting you blend spring whites and creams with a bit of color.
  • Black and Blue – Black and blue doesn’t have to remind you of a painful bruise. We’re turning black and blue into a fashion statement. This combination works wonders for the eyes, defining with black, and offering just a fleck of color with the blue.
  • Lilac in Sparkle – This spring has brought glittery shades galore! Despite the classic warm tone of this juicy purple, the flecks of shimmer offer a cooler look, just begging the spring season to try it on!
  • Rose – With many adventurous shades in play this season, light and dark rose offer a more understated, warmer option to the pop of color we’re seeing.


Try all the latest color trends this season with Makeover Essentials, and let us help you express your inner beauty with styles that fit your personality.

Makeover Essentials Brings You Beauty Looks from the Experts

Straight from the runway at New York Fashion Week, Makeover Essentials pulled together the hottest hair and makeup looks this season. From bold to understated – it’s all here!


The Bold


Marc Jacobs put a new spin on the classic cat eyes by using blue pencil instead of the usual black. Paired with a choppy bob, the punk style brought edge to the runway. Meanwhile, Rachel Zoe brought chunky braids and bright lipstick to the New York runway, giving a bold and playful look. Odile Gilbert took a unique approach to the side pony, creating a front wave and painting a tweed pattern on the back underside. The pony completed its unique look with a twist. Fresh from stylist Tom Pecheux was a sky blue eye shadow covering the entire lip up to the brows. The short bob-style hair was fashioned by rolling the ends up into a soft up-do.


The Understated


Calvin Klein brought us a seemingly fresh-faced approach, but with a hint of a bronzed glow, giving the model’s face that natural heavenly look we all love. Michael Kors opted to bring a romantic and tousled styling to the stage, giving his models that sexy and natural just-got-out-of-bed look. Hairstylist Jimmy Paul kept it simple at the Vera Wang fashion show by using understated color palettes paired with a simple ponytail. A headband completed the look, giving the show a youthful vibe.


These fantastic spring styles allow women everywhere to echo either a loud or quiet look. Makeover Essentials offers a significant lineup of color options so that your inner ME is shown! Check out how we can help you express your true self through our line of exclusive products.

Makeover Essentials’ Spring Makeup Trends for 2014

We’re here to help you flaunt your inner ME! Makeover Essentials has put together the latest cosmetics trends for the upcoming season. Check out the most flattering looks that spring will bring:


  • Soft Berry Lips: Let the color of spring flowers guide your lip color choice this season, and step out in berry shades! This palette can perk up the most basic of makeup applications while still giving you a more natural look.
  • Blue Eye shadow: From lash line to crease, the bright and bold choice of blue looks stunning on this season’s group of spring models. Use a lighter shade for a day look, or pump it up and step out in bold, rich hues of blue on your night out!
  • Cat-Eyes: This ever-popular look is still going strong this season. Take out that liquid liner and bring out your inner kitten for an eye-popping spring!
  • White Eye Shadow and Liner: Quite a turn from the bold choices currently trending, this ethereal look has been seen all over the place. Bust out the cat-eye liner look with this heavenly coloring choice to let the look really pop.
  • Shimmery Gold Eye Shadow: Still in keeping with those heavenly colors, gold, glittery eyes can give you that stunning gilded look.
  • A Hint of Green: Bring an otherwise neutral makeup palette into the spring season with just a hint of lightly-colored green eye shadow.


Makeover Essentials is the premier makeup brand that allows women to showcase their unique inner beauty, with styles and colors to match any look. Custom formulated from the same high-end ingredients found in the name brand lines, Makeover Essentials applies flawlessly for hours. Check out retailers near you to find your inner ME!