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Makeover Essential Outshines with Big Brand Cosmetics

High-priced make-up lines tout their products as superior, but Makeover Essentials outshines them by offering exceptionally beautiful results at a much more affordable price. All you need to do is explore our amazing line of affordable cosmetics and beauty products for yourself to discover how you can achieve a luxurious look that expresses your inner ME without breaking the bank.

Let’s take the $80 Twilight Pink Lip and Eye palette, for instance. This product offers a range of color palettes for the lips and eyes in a compact that features a brush and pencil, as well as a mirror. The colors vary little though they do offer a slight shimmer.  Just a little too small of a selction, if you ask us, making it difficult for you to express your daring or wild side.

Jump over to the Makeover Essentials store to compare this Bobbi Brown option to our amazing little Purse Petite Mini. This ultra-compact piece makes it easy to enjoy long-lasting eye make-up, and unlike the competitor line, offers brighter colors in case you feel like spicing it up a little. The compact has some neutral browns and attractive reds, as well as black and white, and a cheeky blue in case you feel like adding a little summer color to the mix.

The best part? The Purse Petite Mini is just $24.99! For this much lower price you get a better range of colors, a smaller, more portable compact, a mini portable brush and a mirror. We think the choice is easy, and hope you do, too.

Master the New Makeover Essentials Flat Iron for Perfect Holiday Hair Every Time

Makeover Essentials offers more than an amazing array of make-up. Our very own flat iron is the perfect complement to your inner ME style routine. After all, hair and make-up go together like coffee and cake, it’s just a natural progression for a top cosmetics brand like Makeover Essentials to offer beauty solutions too.

Our flat iron is great for the hair, making it easy to create your favorite hairstyles without damaging your beautiful hair. Here are some of our favorite holiday hairstyles that you can easily recreate with the Makeover Essentials flat iron:

  1. Layered hairstyle: Heat up your flat iron and then create layers by curling the bottom layers of your hair. The outermost layer of your hair should be curled around the smaller twirls beneath it, creating light waves with volume underneath.
  1. Straight wrap: The straight wrap can be achieved by using the flat irons from the parting of the hair, near your scalp and pulling straight down, towards your shoulder so that your tresses meet at the chin. This looks great on women with oval or round faces.
  1. Flip curls: Flip curls are really easy to achieve with a flat iron. Simply clasp the irons around the hair, turn and then gently pull away from your face, leaving your hair curly at the sides. Curls will drop to form a natural, flowing, curled design.

These are just a few of many hairdos you can create to bring out your inner ME! It’s really easy to come up with new ideas and create new, stylish hairstyles using a flat iron, so experiment and have fun! With a Makeover Essentials flat iron, anything is possible, no matter what hair type.

Get the Most Out of Your Make-Up with the Ultimate Beauty Kit

Makeover Essentials works hard to provide women with the most luxurious, make-up products, creating innovative new devices that make applying make-up on the move easier while still offering a great range of colors. The Ultimate Beauty Kit is truly one of the most advanced systems we’ve created at Makeover Essentials.

To start, this kit includes nearly every color you could need, and then some, letting you decide between 27 different eye shadow hues, and nine different lip-gloss palettes. There are even three different sheer blushes, which makes this compact ideal for use in any season. With so much choice, you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Let us orient your to the layout of this complete make-up set. You’ll find summer colors on the left, with darker colors that are perfect for fall and winter on the right. We’ve organized the colors so that you don’t have to struggle to find the perfect look or worry about mixing Makeover Essentials’ quality make-up with other brands.

The Ultimate Beauty Make-Up set is just $59.99, and is a great gift for your girlfriends or your wife. Or just buy one as a treat for yourself! Formulated with only the highest quality ingredients, you’ll find each item easy to apply and luxurious to wear all day long. Even with all of the choices offered by this set, it’s convenient to carry, weighing only 53.7 grams. You’ll have literally everything you need at your fingertips to replicate the personality of your inner ME with style and flair.

Eye-Catching Lashes with the Makeover Essentials Mascara Duo

If you want longer and thicker eyelashes, then Makeover Essentials has the ideal mascara for you. The new Mascara Duo, which comes in brown and black, is a go-to set that includes both a full mascara brush as well as a side lash conditioner. The two-in-one product is great for when you’re on the move and need to do your make up in a hurry, or even when you’re at home and you don’t want your eyelashes to take up all of your free time.

The product gives you a lash-building base with the conditioner, preparing the lashes for the application of the mascara. Then, the mascara is applied while the brush lifts and curls your lashes. The brush is designed specifically to separate your eyelashes, while the mascara thickens and protects.

To get the most out of the product, it’s important to apply it with precision and style. Remember, mascara should be the last make-up you apply to your face. Once you have completed all your face, lip and eye make-up, you can start thinking about your lashes.

1. Examine your wand: Open up your mascara and make sure there is no excess make-up on the application wand.

2. Ensure excellent lighting: Make sure you have good lighting and a comfortable seat in front of a mirror so you put on your mascara with accuracy.

3. Apply to lift and separate: With a steady hand, put the brush at the root of the eyelashes and then slowly glide the wand up. Run the brush down your eyelashes a little to separate your lashes while preventing clumps at the same time.

These techniques curl the lashes, create a full look and ensure each lash gets a full coat of mascara. Now bat your eyelashes and enjoy that sultry look your inner ME has been dying to express!

Draw Them In with Seductive Eyes with the Makeover Essentials Eye Design Set

Get the seductive eyes your inner ME has been longing for with our Essentials Eye
Design Set
from Makeover Essentials designed to suit any complexion. This kit offers natural colors that bring out your seductive and alluring eyes and makes it easy to recreate every day.

To get the full effect of this Makeover Essentials product, it’s important to apply the make-up properly.

1. Apply foundation: Start by applying your regular face make-up, including foundation and bronzer, blush, and lip colors. The eye make-up should be the last thing you do, except for your mascara, of course.

2. Start with light eye colors first: Once you have the basics in place, apply your lightest eye make-up color first with a brush. This is called the highlighter shade, and it is usually a creamy, pale shade. It should go above your eyelashes and just below the eyebrows.

3. Apply a medium shade: It’s time to add your middle hue, which should be a shade darker than your highlighter shade. This should be applied within the confines of the first layer and blended in.

4. Add your contour layer: Finally, contour the eyelid using the darkest shade you have. This gives definition to the eyes and shows a gradient in color, which is both alluring and professional, making it a great every day look. Blend your eye shadow applications to create a smooth, flowing gradient from lash to brow and not three straight block colors.

Thanks to the quality of the make-up from Makeover Essentials, you don’t have to be a professional make-up artist to get that salon blending look. Plus, this Essentials Eye Design Set comes with brushes and a curler, which makes for hassle-free eyebrows and lashes, and simplifies make-up application above and below the eye. We’ve thought of everything in our quest to making it easier for you to express your inner ME!

Get a Spooky Makeover Essentials Look this Halloween



Make-Up trends are ever evolving with Halloween make-up styles changing from year to year. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to be playful and adventurous with make-up – after all, it’s the day when you can unleash your inner superhero or damsel in distress freely!

At Makeover Essentials, we’re sure that Halloween 2013 is set to be super stylish. This year, it’s not just about creating a scary look; Halloween trends point to make-up styles that range from colorful psychedelic glam to haunting to artsy. Makeover Essentials makes your Halloween style – whatever it is – simple with new releases, including amazing new personalized compacts that let you choose your own colors, super elongating eyelash brushes, and more!

Some of the biggest crazes in make-up today come from Kasimir Szekeres photographs with make-up techniques you can replicate to match your out of this world costume this year. To capture this look, try blending similar colors in a gradient above your eyes, and extending outwards towards the side of the head. The temples can be highlighted with triangular shapes and patterns that are consistent with the color gradient as above your eyes. This quirky design can also be incorporated into the hair, with eye shadow tinting part of your hair at the temples.

On the flip side, a more conventional style is back this year: dark cheeks, dark lips and dark eyes for that mysterious appeal. Supermodels regularly rock this look. You can too with an added edge by using dark reds, browns or even purples instead of vampire black for your dramatic or romantic costume look.

For more ideas, be sure to take a look at our Makeover Essentials product lines for endless inspiration.  We’re sure you’ll find something that will lend a hand in drawing out your secret inner ME.