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Makeover Essentials Brings You Pouty, Sultry, and Seductive Lip Looks for all your Inner ME Moods

With Makeover Essentials, you have an endless palette of lip inspiration for drawing out your inner beauty, regardless of your mood or the occasion. Whether you’re looking for lips that are sexy and seductive, cute and sweet, or rich and luxurious, our Makeover Essentials line has everything you need. Here are some of our most popular lip personality ideas!

1. Lips with a bit of tint: Tinted lips are the perfect everyday look. A great way to achieve this beautiful but casual look is through either a tinted lip balm or a light colored lipstick. A tinted lip balm is basically just a regular lip balm that has a little color to it that gives you a natural look.  Our natural, light colored Makeover Essentials lipsticks and powders do the same with slightly deeper hues.

2. Lips that scream shiny and seductive: Want fuller lips with the perfect shine? Then go for lip-gloss! With a gloss, you can achieve healthy looking lips complete with a flashy shine. Lip glosses may need more frequent reapplication than lipstick, but they look great, come with a sparkle and have a wide range of colors, making it ideal for everyday use. Plus, they feel lip-smacking great!

3. Lips that emanate classy and luxurious: Going out for dinner? Or just want to look great? Then go for a classic lipstick. The famous bright red is always a winner on a date or when going to a fancy show. But if you’d like to try something different, give long-lasting lipsticks of other colors a try. Brown and beige lipsticks give a pale, autumn look, while pink is the perfect shade for enjoying the great outdoors.

Whatever your lip personality, you’ll find inner ME inspiration in our Makeover Essentials line of glosses and lipsticks!

Let Makeover Essentials Help You Get the Perfect Look for Spring

Spring is finally here and the winter days have gone, so it’s time to move on from winter make-up trends to what’s hottest for the nicer months ahead. As you welcome tank tops and maxi dresses, embrace spring styles in your make-up too, with products from our Makeover Essentials lines.

But before you start to shop for the latest in make-up for your spring look, check out our picks for what’s trendy this season.

  1. Matte lips: Smooth, shine-free lips are all the rage this season. Makeover Essentials has a complete line of  lip colors and matching lip liners that come in a matte finish. With  contrasting eye color or a matching dress color, you’ll fit right in with the fashionistas this spring.
  2. Minimalist make-up: It’s really  easy to achieve this look! There’s no need for heavy foundation, just apply some concealer to make sure you have an even skin tone. A little white shadow in the corner of your eyes will add a nice touch and you should be good to go. Sometimes, less is more, and Makeover Essentials has the perfect concealers and white eye shadows to complement your natural look and subtly bring out your inner ME!

Keep an eye out for more upcoming trends, too! With such an extensive product line, Makeover Essentials can help you follow the latest fashion trends every season of the year.

Makeover Essentials Tips to Curl Your Hair with a Straight Iron

You read that right! Yes, it’s definitely possible to get a great curl with a straight iron, who would have thought? Just follow our tips for achieving perfect curls that you would only have thought possible through the use of rollers … with Makeover Essentials’ straight iron!

1. Prep and comb: Comb out your hair to remove any tangles. These can get caught, burn or just get in the way when you’re trying to achieve an amazing curl. You may also want to use hairspray or spritz now to help curls stay put.

2. Wrap and slide: After your straight iron has heated up, close it round a lock of hair and then quickly wrap the lock of hair around the iron. Then, slide the straightener down the lock of hair and away from your scalp without pulling too much at it. Be sure to hold the end to ensure it stays wrapped around the iron.

3. Repeat for tighter curls: Repeat step two if you want tighter or firmer curls. It might take a couple of tries before you get the perfect curl. Try not to overdo it though as too much heat can cause damage to your hair.

4. Cover the entire head: Repeat this process on all sections of your hair, or just the parts where you want curls. Once you’re done, you can put a second application of product on your hair. This will help to hold the curl in place a little longer.

Now you’re ready for night out on the town with your flirty and curly look, expressing your inner ME!  

Get Perfect Makeover Essentials Pallets for Your Valentines Day and Night

Transitioning from day to night this Valentines Day gives you the perfect opportunity to play with different looks that have a bit more of your personality by going from casual to sexy and dramatic. Makeover Essentials has a huge range of make-up pallets for any mood or inner personality, giving you nearly unlimited styles that can be achieved for the eyes, lips and skin, any time of day.

1. Beauty for Daytime: During the day, a lot of women opt for more casual colors. A great option for luscious lips in the daytime is lip-gloss, which gives a shine that catches natural light beautifully. Bright colored lipsticks are also ideal if your inner ME begs you to be a little more dramatic. Finish with a gloss over the top for added shine. For a casual daytime eye make-up look, use simple eyeliner and mascara to give an intriguing and attractive look. Try bright colors around the eyes that don’t expand too far up to the brow, as this gives an effortless yet sleek look that’s bound to catch eyes and make you stand out from the crowd, even during a professional meeting.

2. Make-Up Style for Night time: This is the ideal time to bring out contrasting or striking colors. It doesn’t matter whether you focus on your lips or eyes, it can be really fun to apply arresting colors that catch the dim lights in the evening. Vibrant or deep colors on the lips and eyes can be complemented by a paler foundation. If you’re naturally tanned, these deep colors can seem more subdued but are still eye-catching. For a twist, try using multiple vibrant colors above the eyes, whether it’s purple with red or orange with green. The 2014 fashion trends point to an increased popularity for vibrant and daring color schemes, so go a little out of your comfort zone this Valentines Day and have fun with it!

Makeover Essentials has all the advice and products you need to create a true-to-you make-up style that expresses your inner vixen with confidence and poise, regardless of what time of day it is. Stay tuned for more ideas and tips!

Get the Perfect Color Makeover Essentials Make-Up for Stunning Eyes

Choosing the right eye make-up relies a lot on your skin tone. Shades will look different on different tones of skin, and if you’re not careful, your eye make-up may not make an impact at all if you choose the wrong colors. To get the right shade, and one that will stand out, it’s important to consider your skin color and use the right color foundation before applying your eye make-up.

Makeover Essentials has a vast collection of eye make-up that makes it super easy to find the right color for you. The first step however is to find out what color your eyes are – go look in the mirror and then you’re ready to start! The following guide can help you ensure you’re using the right colors.

  1. Blue eyes: Blue eyes really pop when you use smoky eye shadows. A favorite for blue-eyed women is different shades of brown, whether it’s beige, light brown or a darker chocolate color. Applying this to your eyes creates a striking and dramatic appearance. Meanwhile, a deep blue shade can offer a calm and complementary effect.
  1.  Brown eyes: Brown eyes are enhanced and look really dazzling with sparkling eye shadows, including pink and perhaps a tinted beige. These shades highlight brown eyes and don’t overpower the naturally beautiful color. Copper, bronze and greens can give a more casual look, once again complementing the brown color without drowning it out.
  1.  Green eyes: Green eyes stand out with a good mixture of  brown and vivid blue, and they look so great with vivid berry shades. The dramatic natures of these colors don’t clash, but instead look quirky, cool and encapsulating. Black eye liner can add perfect definition between these vivid colors.

So take some time to try out different eye make-up colors from our Makeover Essentials line until you find the perfect combination to make your inner you shine …through your eyes!

Prep Your Skin for a Winter Wonderland with Makeover Essentials

So fall is over & winter is here. As the weather gets colder, it’s important to take extra
steps to take care of your skin the way it deserves. It can be really easy to forget
about skin care when you are focusing more on keeping warm, but there are some
simple things you can do to avoid dry skin this winter.
1. Solidify a Daily Moisturizing Routine: The power of moisturizer should not
be underestimated. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to choose a moisturizer
free of harsh synthetic chemicals or perfumes to avoid further drying. As
weather conditions change, you should begin using moisturizers that are
oil-based instead of water-based. The oil will create a protective layer over
your skin that will hold in moisture better than other water-based oils. Try
using shea oil or butter for a smooth feeling finish.
2. Use Sunscreen, Always: It may sound strange, but sunscreen is not just for
summer! Sunscreen is an essential product for keeping your skin looking
good, even during winter months. Remember that even when it is cold, the
sun still shines. If it is snowing, light reflects and can dry out your skin even
more quickly. For this reason, try applying a little sunscreen to your face and
hands before you go outside and, if you’re spending a lot of time outside, be
sure to reapply regularly! An added benefit: avoiding the aging effect of the
Keep these two tips in mind and you’ll keep your winter skin looking great through
this winter wonderland!