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Take Center Stage at This Year’s Halloween Celebration

For those of us in the makeup biz, Halloween is the ultimate holiday! This is our time to shine, and we mean that quite literally – glow-in-the-dark makeup can bring an eerie light to this year’s party. If that’s not your thing though, here are some of the other looks from online influencers that Team Makeover Essentials found while creeping around (get it…cuz’ Halloween?) YouTube:

Freaky Clown: Hayley Bui takes a Halloween classic and puts her signature spin on it. For this haunting yet beautiful look, she starts with red smoky eyeshadow and then layers colors from the peach palette. Eyelashes, eyeliner, and heavy mascara accentuate the clear contact lenses, and she uses liquid eyeliner for the facial design as well. Blood-red liquid lipstick adds just the right amount of glamorous creepiness.

Gori-fied Little Mermaid: One of our favorite artists in the Makeover Essentials office is Glam and Gore, and their take on the Little Mermaid lives up to the hype. For the young (or the young at heart) the demo shows how to use bright, bold red lips, red eyebrows, and a cat’s-eye look using white eyeliner to make the eyes appear wider. From there, the effects of ocean pollution and a fishhook are added. Scary!

Mother of Dragons: With a blonde wig, simple nude lip gloss, bronze eyeshadow and luscious brown eyebrows, Carli Bybel transforms herself into Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons. This look is sure to bring the heat to this year’s holiday celebration.

Halloween only comes once a year, and with these looks the Makeover Essentials team will be making the most of it. Follow us on Instagram for more costume suggestions.

We’ve Got You Covered on Fall 2019 Makeup Trends

The more things change, the more things stay the same, as the saying goes, and this year’s fall looks certainly have a fun 90s throwback twist. You can expect to see lots of glitter, the triumphant return of blue eyeshadow, and a bit more eye bling thanks to the hit show “Euphoria” that’s inspiring Instagram makeup artists and those of us here at Makeover Essentials.

Also, be on the lookout for neon corners this autumn. While a full neon lid might draw too much attention when compared to the traditionally darker fall tones, we still crave a pop of color. We dust our go-to Makeover Essentials summer shadow just in the corner of our eyes for normal days, but when we’re feeling bolder, we cover our entire lids in a bright crybaby blue for the full 90s fantasy.

Darker lip liner is making a surprise comeback from the decade of grunge as well. Paired with subtle browns and gold highlights, this is a guaranteed head-turner. Of course, if we’re on the subject of turning heads, we need to consider the wine-colored palette of lipsticks that were so popular at the end of the 20th century. A rich burgundy or Bordeaux pairs perfectly with fresh skin and your favorite mascara. Or take the wine colors to your eyes as well for a dramatic date-night look.

We’re swimming in 90s nostalgia, and we’ve never looked better! Follow Makeover Essentials on Pinterest to learn how to make fall even more colorful.

Excitement Builds for Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris

While most people are gearing up to switch their wardrobes from summer to fall, the fashion world is already thinking Spring/Summer 2020 and what we’ll be wearing a year from now! Team Makeover Essentials is closely following all of the Big 4 Fashion Week shows which take place in Milan and Paris.

Milan Fashion Week launches on September 17 and runs through September 23. If you’re a follower of Versace, Prada, Fendi, or Gucci, this is where you want to be to catch the most recent collections from these revered designers. Makeover Essentials will be following the 70 shows and 90 designer presentations that await audiences from around the world who descend upon this northern Italian city. Expect glamour along with a mix of classic designs and fashion-forward surprises that will have fashionistas talking across the globe.

Paris is where high-end fashion was born, so it’s fitting that the City of Lights caps off this extraordinary month with their Haute Couture Fashion Week, which runs from September 23 to October 1. If the Spring/Summer 2020 shows are anything like previous events, they will be bigger and more spectacular than ever. Fashion giants like Valentino and Givenchy attract some of the catwalk’s most famed models, including Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber, daughter of the original supermodel Cindy Crawford. Designs shown in Paris are always out of the ordinary, ranging from inspiring to shocking! If high style, originality, and fashion innovation excite you, this is where you’ll find it . . . and more.

We’ll certainly be keeping tabs on what trends these two shows reveal, so be sure to check out our Makeover Essentials Pinterest for updates.

New York And London Fashion Weeks Coming Up

Around Makeover Essentials, we’ve learned that fashion-forward in this industry means always looking two seasons ahead. While Fall 2019 hasn’t even officially arrived, the various Fashion Weeks for Spring/Summer 2020 begin in earnest in early September. First, on deck are New York and London. Here’s a quick peek at what to expect from both.

New York Fashion Week runs from September 6 to 11, a bit of an abbreviated schedule from past years. Held at various places throughout the Big Apple, we expect to see the usual bevy of celebrity guests lining the runway to be the first to see amazing creations from top designers including Jeremy Scott, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, and many more. As this is the first of the Big 4 shows, everyone in the fashion world, including our beauty experts at Makeover Essentials, eagerly await this first peek at which trends will hit the boutiques come next spring.

After New York’s final show wraps up with Marc Jacobs, everyone who’s anyone in this industry will hop across the pond for London’s Fashion Week, September 13 to 17. While New York is known for globally renowned designers, London is where up-and-comers showcase their talents alongside more established names, like Burberry. Emilia Wickstead, Christopher Kane, Erdem, and Mary Katrantzou will show their latest collections to the throngs of fashion enthusiasts across all generations.

As these shows unfold, we’ll pick up on the latest warm-weather trends to look for in 2020. Like Makeover Essentials on Facebook to get your up-to-the-minute details on what’s in and which beauty products best complement these looks.

Top YouTube Beauty Bloggers on Makeover Essentials’ Watchlist

We’re big on learning here at Makeover Essentials. Our team scours both the internet and the real world for the hottest trends in beauty and cosmetics to bring them to you. Most makeup enthusiasts will tell you when it comes to getting that perfect look, it helps to see how it’s done. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our five favorite YouTube channels for makeup how-tos:

• Number 1: NikkieTutorials: What started out as a bad weekend sick in bed and binge watching The Hills ignited this Netherlands native’s passion for makeovers. Starting with one YouTube tutorial and a handful of likes, Nikkie now has 12 million subscribers to her channel and has become one of the most influential beauty bloggers out there.

• Number 2: Patrick Starrr: Patrick’s love of arts may have started off with music and photography, but it’s his makeup tutorials on YouTube that really showcase his knack for making things beautiful to the world. From his career at MAC Cosmetics to his 4 million channel subscribers, our Makeover Essentials experts deem Patrick as one to watch.

• Number 3: Michelle Phan: Now a leading voice in the cosmetics world, Michelle’s love for makeup and determination to succeed earned her 8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. In fact, her videos have been viewed over a billion times! Today, Michelle’s empire continues to grow as she launches various cosmetic ventures.

• Number 4: Kathleen Lights: Miami-born Kathleen Fuentes is a recognized beauty vlogger whose YouTube channel now has over 3.5 million subscribers. What attracts people to Kathleen’s work is her simple, easy-to-do-at-home makeup techniques, including one video in which her husband helps!

• Number 5: Raw Beauty Kristi: We’re into keeping it real around Makeover Essentials, which is why we love to watch Kristi in action. Not only does she tell it like it is about makeup, but she dishes on other life lessons she’s learned as well – plus her cats. Since launching her YouTube channel in 2012, she has just over 700,000 subscribers.

We’re constantly on top of what’s coming next in the beauty world. Follow us on Instagram for frequent tips and the latest trends.

Back-to-School Makeup Trends

Ready to rock your look this school year? Makeover Essentials has what you need to shine as you head out to classes and your favorite after-school activities. Here are the latest trends that work well, no matter what outfit you’re wearing:

• The Eyes Have It: Transition from the sun-kissed look of summer to the autumn with two looks from Makeover Essentials. Passion 10 – Glam has colors that will help you create this warm, smoky look. Start with an all-over peach shade across the lid. Then, dust with a bronze shadow that’s both sparkling and smoldering at once. Or, you can feel fresh and seasonal with Passion 10 – Peachy, one of our warmest shades yet!

• Long Lashes: Whether you’re going for the glam with a bronze shadow or just want a subtle, natural look for the classroom, feathery lashes are in and Makeover Essentials Lashing Out – Girls Day Out adds lightweight volume that draws wanted attention to your eyes. It’s like having false eyelashes, without the work or expense.

• Don’t Forget the Lips: A subtle color can mean a standout look, whether you’re studying in the library or cheering on the team. Makeover Essentials Juice Me Up Lip Gloss has a trio of shades to complement any outfit or occasion.

If you want extra credit in the cosmetic world, be sure to like us on Facebook for year-round tips that will take you from the first day of school to prom season and beyond!