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Practice These Beauty Hacks to Prepare for the Holidays

You probably want to look great at all the upcoming holiday celebrations, but don’t have a lot of time to spend learning and practicing the latest makeup looks. Worry not, because Makeover Essentials’ beauty experts have it covered. We’ve identified several stunning-yet-simple techniques that will prepare you for the festivities in no time.

Let’s begin with the smoky eye – which some people spend hours upon hours trying to perfect. Just get your favorite pointed shadow brush, close your eye, and dab shimmer shadow across both bottom and top lash lines. When you open your eye, use the brush to lend the edges. If you accidentally smudge your mascara, rub it in to magnify the smokiness. While you’re at it, use an illuminator as a replacement for eye shadow.

Now let’s focus on your lips and cheekbones. Apply some highlighter to your cheekbones for a shimmery appeal, or a bronzer if you prefer some warmth. To ensure that your shades match perfectly, why not substitute your blush with the lipstick you’ll be wearing? Simply blend some into the skin along your cheekbones.

Possibly the biggest Makeover Essentials hack of all is to bypass the makeup (almost) entirely – and wear nothing but a deep-red lipstick. You will look so striking it will seem as if you’ve actually applied a plethora of cosmetics.

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Get Into the Holiday Groove With These Fashion Trends

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, Makeover Essentials’ festivities have begun. There’s a lot more to wear to all those parties than basic black dresses. Here are some in-style looks for you to adorn as you celebrate:

• Try Something Metallic: Take things a step beyond the usual silvers and golds. Try a shiny metallic top paired with a deep-colored skirt – something like a nice, deep burgundy. Then add a sharp contrast in the form of green or blue lipstick.

• Go Without the Sequined One-Piece: It isn’t out of the ordinary to see people decked in sequined gowns at formal events. The sequins are great, but they’ll make more of a statement as accents. Consider a long, sequined skirt or a silk blouse with sequined sleeves.

• Experiment With Velvet: A sleek velvet suit in a carefully-chosen color makes significant impact. Red is certainly a festive possibility, and green is a Makeover Essentials favorite. Give the look a final touch in the form of ankle-strap heels.

• If It’s Going to Be a Dress, Make It a Slip: Slip dresses are as stunning as ever, especially those with flared silhouettes, ruffled hemlines, and lace overlays. Add a matching pair of lace-up heels to accentuate the ensemble.

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The Latest and Greatest Fall Hair Colors

Bathing suits have been tucked away and replaced by sweaters, and sundresses are retired in favor of scarves. Highlights must inevitably be traded in for more seasonable shades as well. Makeover Essentials’ beauty experts present some of Fall’s best hair colors.

If you’d like to maintain some semblance of the warm and sunny look of the Summer, opt for something that falls between beach blond and brunette. Think of the golden color of Autumn leaves – and go with it!

A deep, rich red is an excellent possibility as well. It’s a particularly doable option for brunettes who would like to brighten things up. To ensure that the hue hits the mark, ask your favorite stylist for cinnamon tones.

If you prefer more of a sultry look, Makeover Essentials has you covered. Mahogany, chocolate, and nutmeg tones will take your brown to another level entirely.

If a traditional color isn’t really your thing, go back to the basics. Consider any of the primary colors and find the one that resonates as most expressive to you, suggests Redken’s global color creative director, Josh Wood. He says, “I see the softer, more pastel colors getting strong and more bold.”

Our Makeover Essentials style experts are experimenting with these shades – as well as the metallic silver, brass, and platinum looks. Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned in to all our fabulous ME beauty ideas this season.


Velvet: The Hit Trend This Fall Season

Now that Fall has arrived and the brisk air is setting in, it’s time to consider the latest fashion trends. This season sparks yearnings for comfort, warmth, and a bit of luxury. It seems that our old friend, velvet, is rising in popularity to meet all these requirements. Not only do we discover it in designer accessories and home accents, we notice it in casual wear and standard outfit staples. Here are several Makeover Essentials favorites:

  • The Bag: Velvet clutches, purses, and other bags are available in a variety of bold prints. As far as we are concerned, however, leopard beats them all as the go-to pick for our Makeover Essentials fashionistas.
  • The Shoes: Think of the straw-bag-and-sandal look that’s so popular during the summer. There is no need to relegate those sandals to the back of your closet just yet. Simply select a few pairs that are trimmed in velvet. The look is softer, yet warmer.
  • The Jacket: Puffy jackets are cozy and practical – and significantly posher when the usual nylon fabric is traded in for a sleek velvet. A nice hairbow of the same material will accentuate the look nicely.
  • The Pillows: Infuse a bit of the season into your home by slipping velvet covers over your usual pillows. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you might have a whole chair reupholstered.

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Fashion Forward: What to Wear This Fall

The leaves are beginning to change colors, and the biggest Fall designs have already been presented on the runways. Although every ensemble offers something special, we’ve perused the most wearable and enticing to identify some Makeover Essentials favorites.

Let’s begin with the bright and sunny look of the floral sundress that is so popular in Spring and Summer. It transitions nicely into a moodier, darker bouquet print for the Autumn. This look is not limited to the traditional burgundies, browns, and burnt oranges of the season, however. Some of the loveliest items include deep pinks, purples, and blues.

Athletic wear – especially that inspired by the 1980s – will continue to be a mainstay in leisure wardrobes as the weather gets colder. Expect high necklines and zippers everywhere, from dresses to parkas. The appeal here extends beyond comfort. This look inspires a sense of nostalgia we welcome at Makeover Essentials.

We noticed a lot of boxy, business-like silhouettes on the runways as well. The layering of sheer turtlenecks and long button-ups set off these ensembles nicely. Expect to see them not only in standard greys (with stripes), but also in pale pinks. There are tailored trousers, deconstructed blazers, and more.

We’re looking forward to adorning these styles in the coming months. Makeover Essentials details popular Fall looks, such us moody floral prints, 1980s athletic wear, pale pinks, sheer layers, and boxy suits.

Get the Lowdown on Everything Makeover Essentials

Makeover Essentials is your go-to resource for all things beauty. From our quality products to our tips and tricks, we have everything you need to stay on top of the latest trends in fashion and style. Here are several of our featured items:

• ME Contour Kit: This kit is complete with everything needed for highlighting and bronzing, whether you want to soften your jawline, narrow your forehead, lift your cheekbones, or slim your nose.

• Men’s Grooming Kit: Razors, trimmers, nail clippers – this 13-piece kit has it all. These personal care products are conveniently stowed in a handy travel case, making the full combination an ideal Makeover Essentials gift for the man in your life.

• Refresh ME Cloth: Say goodbye to harsh chemicals, and welcome this cloth to your nighttime routine instead. All you need to do is add water and gently wash away your makeup. It’s natural, and it will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy.

• ME Classic 10 – Nighttime Storm: When it’s time to make the transition from your daytime look to your evening ensemble, these shades of eyeshadow should be part of the mix. There are 10 options to complement any outfit, whether you prefer the smoky look or something lighter.

We also provide lots of helpful tutorials and informative blogs on looking your beauty-best.