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Look Your Best Wherever You’re Headed

Traveling doesn’t mean we should escape our beauty routines. In fact, whether we’re going by plane, train, or automobile, we need to step up our skincare game a bit while on the move. That’s why your beauty experts at Makeover Essentials have some great tips to keep you feeling and looking fine on your journey.

Now, it’s not easy to pack everything you need for your skincare and makeup regimen. Especially if you’re traveling by air and you plan to carry on your luggage, you’ll be limited in size due to TSA regulations. Not to worry, though. You can fill TSA-approved bottles of your favorite moisturizers and foundations or bring sample sizes with you. For the rest of your cosmetics, think essentials that match with your outfits. You can also check out Makeover Essentials’ all-in-one mini case, so you have everything you need in one box.

Air travel is especially drying, so before you leave, slather on the serums and hand creams. Most importantly, stay hydrated from inside out by drinking tons of water. Don’t rely on in-flight beverage service, either. Bring a clear, empty water bottle you can fill after security or splurge on a big bottle of water before you board.

Another very important tip: apply SPF on your face before you go. If you’re seated by a window, particularly on a plane, you’ll find yourself in sunlight for perhaps hours at a time.

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Hot Spring Looks From Fashion Week 2019

Forget that the snow is still flying – Makeover Essentials is already thinking SPRING. And we’re more than thrilled about the hottest looks that filled the runaways from Milan and Paris to NYC. Here’s what to expect for the warmer months of 2019:


  • Butterscotch: A warmer take on traditional beige, this look made its debut in everything from skirts and slacks, to leather jackets. It’s a nice neutral to pair with navy, cream, and more.


  • Pink Highlights: A perennial favorite in the fashion world, Spring 2019’s lineup included unique applications of this color. Think eyeliner in vibrant rose, soft blush eye shadows, or metallic pink lips.


  • Bold Lips and Blush: Rosy cheeks that can’t be missed and bright red shades of lipstick were among the can’t-miss looks shown for 2019 that we can’t get enough of at Makeover Essentials.


  • Glittery Eyes: Add some sparkle in bold colors like blue or gold, letting your eyes shimmer as the sun returns. Not a fan of glitter? Metallic shades are another option for some softer shine.


  • Funky Prints and Textures: Mixed floral patterns, some that harken back to grandma’s apron, are among the looks that caught attention on the runway this season. Another throwback that’s hot right now is crochet everything, from dresses and bikinis to purses and accessories.


  • Flats Are Fab: If you’ve longed to ditch your stilettos and still look chic, you’ll fit right in with sandals, loafers, and ballet shoes.


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We’re Puffed Up About Our Latest Product

Want to know the secret to a flawless look? It’s all in the blending and Makeover Essentials newest product, Puff Pack! Puff me another! is just the ticket to bring out anyone’s inner makeup artist.

Each Puff Pack contains three different sponges, with unique edges, points, and softness, so you can achieve an expert application with full coverage. Use your puffs to blend in your foundation and create contours. Whether you’re going for a softer look or chiseled cheeks, you’ll find these puffs will deliver the results your heart desires.

Our Makeover Essentials experts have a few tips to help you get started with your puffs. First, before you apply foundation, you want your puff to be slightly damp so that its texture is light and fluffy. Wet it first, then be sure to squeeze out the excess water. If your puff is too dry, it will absorb foundation liquid, which will make it too cakey to apply nicely. However, a puff that’s too wet will change the texture of the base and make things too runny. It’s a good idea to keep one puff dry for powder applications as well. The pointed tip is perfect for areas like under the eye that can be challenging to reach with normal sponges.

When applying, the best way to conserve your foundation is to dab the puff, rather than pump or pour the liquid onto it. This will also help you get better coverage and even color. When setting your look, always press rather than sweep to create a natural appearance.

Cleaning your Makeover Essentials Puff Pack is a cinch, too. Just a bit of soap and water, rinse, repeat, and dry. It will be ready for you next time.

Our Puff Pack is just one of the new products that we’re excited about around the Makeover Essentials office. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know about our upcoming offerings.

Stay Tuned for New Products

Our mission at Makeover Essentials is to make sure you have what you need to look and feel your best. Our expert beauty researchers are always trying out new ingredients and applicants to see what’s most effective when it comes to giving you the look you want, any time of the year.

Very soon, we’ll be launching some hot new products that are sure to be just what savvy customers want. For instance, our up-and-coming Makeover Essentials Contour Kit will soon be available to enhance lovely faces like yours. Anyone who’s dreamed of a softer jawline, high cheekbones, or perhaps a slimmer nose will absolutely love this kit. It’s designed to create model-like features through various bronzing and highlighting shades.

We’re not stopping there, though. Our product line will soon grow with the addition of more concealers, blushes, primers, and tools formulated for easy application.

Of course, each product we introduce will be thoroughly vetted by Makeover Essentials’ team of top cosmetics experts. These pros will make sure everything we offer meets our high-quality standards. This includes testing for heavy metals and ensuring FDA requirements are met and exceeded. Our testing for allergens and sensitivities is supervised by doctors so we can ensure these products are hypoallergenic, too. We want you to have the best, which is why we’re so rigorous about testing.

Stay tuned to see our new products for yourself in the coming weeks. The best place to be up to date is our [Newswire] or our Makeover Essentials website where you’ll find all of our updates.

Looks That Say “Be My Valentine”

February is just around the corner, bringing with it the most romantic day of the year. If your plans for Valentine’s Day are shaping up like a candy heart, Makeover Essentials has the details on this year’s hottest trends that will have you ready to say “Be Mine!” and get a fast yes:

• Flushed Cheeks: A good blush should add just a hint of color. This year’s look adds peachy or pink tones to give cheeks a subtle pop that suggests excitement and desire.

• Stained Lips: The best dates end with even better kisses. But do you really want your date to be wearing your lipstick? Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts suggest using a lip stain that can add shade to your lips to wear well all night without marking your special someone.

• Come-Hither Eyes: What sets off long, luxurious lashes better than a shimmering eye shadow. Go for a dramatic look that makes your eyes sparkle across a candlelit table set for two or in front of a roaring fireplace.

• Confection-Inspired Colors: Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest candy holidays, and everyone loves a good toffee, caramel, or chocolate. Now you can apply these treat-inspired colors to your eyes and lips, and entice your date to take a nibble.

• Pink Polish: While roses are red, nails can be pretty in pink. Take a break from the darker polish and paint your nails in a softer, rosy shade.

Whether your style is sweetheart pastel or fiery red hot, you’ll look great this V-day with these trends. And don’t forget to like Makeover Essentials on Facebook for tips on how to rock any holiday look.

Jazz Up Your Look for 2019 With ME

What’s the most exciting part of the new year? It’s a fresh start; one filled with opportunities to try something bold and new. If a change to your beauty routine is among your resolutions for 2019, Makeover Essentials has plenty of products that cover a wide array of cosmetic, skin, and hair care needs.

Starting the new year with a clean slate is easy with Makeover Essentials Refresh Me Cloth. Just add water to this soft, chemical-free makeup remover and wipe away the day. When you’re ready to reapply your base, our upcoming contour kit offers all you need to bronze and highlight your features.

The eyes have it and our Makeover Essentials product line has an assortment of shadows and mascaras to add pop to your peepers. If you’re more of a lip person, we’ve got you covered with vibrant and slick looks, like our Juice Me Up lip gloss and our Four Tops lipsticks that take you from subtle shades to red hot.

Looking for an all-in-one solution? Our kits like the Complete Petite include shadows, pencils, lipsticks, blush, and more – all in a compact with pull-out drawers. Consider it a makeup table for the on-the-go you.

No beauty routine is complete without well-coiffed hair. At Makeover Essentials, you’ll find styling products to tame your tresses so they’re sleek and shiny.

Did we mention we have products for men and some amazing scents, too? Come browse our selection of high-quality cosmetic and beauty items and be inspired. For even more great tips, like us on [Facebook]. Let’s ring in the new year right!