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The Lowdown on Packing for a Great Summer Getaway

Are you counting down the days until you embark on your summer vacation? There’s certainly plenty of talk about the season’s fun throughout the Makeover Essentials headquarters. From day trips into nature to weeks-long tropical cruises, the possibilities are endless. The key to a successful getaway is to pack strategically.

Sometimes a few swimsuits just won’t cut it, after all. For instance, you’ll also need some colorful sundresses. Low backs, floral panels, and lace are some Makeover Essentials favorites. Statement earrings (think fringes or big African beads) and Greek sandals (in nude or gold) set things off nicely.

Skin care is vital when spending extensive amounts of time in the sun. A pair of shades and an oversized hat will do the trick, although a light and loose-fitting cover-up is a good idea too. Of course, ample sunblock is imperative.

Denim boyfriend shorts aren’t just comfortable. They look great with just about any top, whether a plain T-shirt or an off-the-shoulder blouse. Several pairs of these shorts will be perfect for shopping trips, lunches with friends, and miniature golf dates.

A dressed-up tote – adorned with things like tassels and pom-poms – will top off everything. Use it to carry your book and beverage to the beach, or to gather souvenirs for loved ones.

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Get Beach-Ready With the Proper Skincare Routine

Like many around the Makeover Essentials office, you’re probably planning a fun summer getaway. Perhaps you’re looking forward to a sunny beach vacation. We want you to enjoy yourself, and these skincare strategies will help:

  • Before You Settle Into the Sand: Use plenty of moisturizer and apply sunscreen liberally (do it prior to dressing to ensure that you don’t miss anything). You’ll need to reapply once you arrive at the beach, but a base layer is vital. Remember to pack important items like a sun hat, an umbrella, sunblock and lip balm with high SPF, and aloe vera gel.
  • During the Day: Slather yourself with sunblock throughout the day – preferably every two hours and whenever you emerge from the water. As far as our Makeover Essentials beauty experts are concerned, it’s impossible to be too attentive. Periodically assess your skin for dryness as well, and use your aloe vera to prevent chapping if necessary.
  • After You Leave the Shore: Give your skin some extra care once you return home. Cleanse yourself thoroughly to remove debris from your pores and use a gentle product on your face. Then spend some time under a cooking mask, followed by some hydrating lotion. Once these steps are complete, you’ll be ready to return to your usual routine.

Protect your skin from the sun’s fierce ultraviolet rays. To learn more, check out our Makeover Essentials Newswire.

What to Wear This May

The warm air and budding flowers of May and the theme of rebirth and revitalization inspire us to update our wardrobes. Around the Makeover Essentials office, we’re setting aside jeans and sweaters in favor of shorts and dresses to showcase some crisp new looks.


Each season presents a certain array of go-to neutrals. Darker tones, like maroons and grays, suit fall and winter. The lighter hues, such as tans and whites, are most appropriate for the warmer months. By mixing and matching these colors, it’s fun and easy to put together all sorts of fresh outfits.


Denim, which happens to be a mainstay for our fashionistas at Makeover Essentials, is in this season as well. We’re ditching the traditional blue for a while, however. Shades like mint green, periwinkle, lilac, and rose add pop and variety to just about any ensemble.


Rompers will remain popular throughout the summer. They’re just as comfortable and airy as sundresses, yet they add something a bit more flirty and exciting. Whether in prints or solids, rompers are versatile and pair nicely with lots of accessories.


There are two more looks worth mentioning, because we can’t get enough them of this spring – fruit prints and all-over eyelets! From pineapples and strawberries to watermelons and cherries, fruit is just as attractive as it is yummy. As far as eyelets go, there are few design details more feminine.


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2018’s Summer Makeup Masterpieces

The season of sun and warmth is finally here! That means the latest hair and makeup looks are evolving. As usual, Makeover Essentials’ beauty experts have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends. Here are several of the biggest:


  • Pink Shiny Lips: Gloss is coming back! In particular, shades like orange, coral, berry, and pink are in style. Our Juice Me Up set fits the bill perfectly. These three pieces, which come in two sizes, offer the perfect summer color variations.

  • Bronzer and Moisturizer Mix: The objective is for your skin to look bronzed and radiant – almost dewy. Start with the Makeover Essentials Face Primer, and add a bronzer that’s just a shade or two darker than your natural tone. It’ll look beautiful on your arms and legs as well as your face!


  • Bright Eyes: Think electric blues and vibrant greens, or have some fun with violet. Our Pocketbook Eyes collection includes 22 attractive shades. As a bonus, the convenient case has room to store identification and other personal items!


  • Illuminating Blush: The combination of bronzer, highlighter, and blush can be a little heavy in the hot summer weather. You might prefer to forego the highlighter altogether and use a baked blush to achieve the desired effect. The Complete Petite will suit your requirements.


Start experimenting with these exciting options right away and explore our Makeover Essentials Facebook to stay updated on all the most popular looks.

Our Top Six Spring Beauty Picks

We’ve had our fill of winter! Now that spring is underway, we’re excited to discuss our favorite seasonal beauty picks. Here are a few Makeover Essentials products to keep on hand as the warm weather sets in:

  • Eye Addiction: This set consists of four colors that can be mixed and matched to complement any look. The dual-end applicator allows for easy use, and all pieces come beautifully packed in a see-through vinyl case.
  • ME-Contour Kit: This Makeover Essentials contour set will bronze and highlight anyone’s facial features. Whether it’s a smaller forehead, prominent cheekbones, a softer jawline, or a thinner nose, these shades will make it happen. 
  • The Four Tops Lipstick II: These four shades of red are perfect for any event. Go for a neutral look with the lightest shade or opt for an evening in a bold, dark hue. The set comes with a small mirror that allows for discreet touch-ups.
  • ME Intrigue ME Eye Shadow – Enchant ME: Twelve shades come in this compact, from lighter colors perfect for the office to vibrant ones that make waves during fun evening parties. The kit not only includes a mirror, but doubles as a business-card holder for easy networking!
  • ME Weekly Essentials Kit: Get organized with this mirrored case, which holds all the pertinent shades for lips, cheeks, and eyes (including an eye pencil and translucent powder). The pull-out drawer fits a puff and three applicators.
  • ME-Eye Design Kit II: Here is another collection of must-haves. The soft bag neatly fits eight pieces – an eyelash curler, mascara, lash/eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner/eyebrow brush, eye design compact, and eye contour/eye detail brush. It includes highlighter, shimmer, cream eyeliner, and powder.

These items are certain to get you spring-ready. Go to our Makeover Essentials [Newswire] for more helpful beauty tips.

Get Prom-Ready With These Expert Ideas

Prom night is an unforgettable experience for many young individuals. There are weeks – sometimes months – of planning involved to find the perfect dress, accessories, hairstyle, and more. Makeover Essentials is here to help, so keep these ideas in mind as you prepare for the big event.

If you’re worried about a breakout of skin blemishes just before prom, get eye drops that are formulated to reduce redness. These drops have anti-inflammatory agents, which constrict blood vessels and minimize redness. After applying the drops to your skin, apply a lemon scrub to brighten things up. Just remember to do it at night or avoid sunlight just after application, and to follow up with a moisturizer.

Just as importantly, be careful about how your approach your brows and hair. Waxing or plucking the day of or the day before prom may leave your skin a bit irritated, so get this chore out of the way in the middle of the week. Your opportunities for hairstyle are nearly endless, so consider doing something a bit different. Leave-in conditioner is a Makeover Essentials mainstay because it leaves locks shiny and healthy-looking.

When it comes to your eyes and smile, think color. A whitening strip will work wonders for your teeth if you use it throughout prom week, and – like your hair – your lip color should be a bit out of the ordinary (and mesh with your dress, of course). Adding a sparkly top coat and some color to your waterline will make your eyes pop without going overboard.

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